# State of the Parties

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Sinn Féin remains most popular party by wide margin, new poll shows
Sinn Féin tops latest opinion poll with Fine Gael nipping at its heels
Both main parties lose ground as Fine Gael retains slim lead over Fianna Fáil in latest opinion poll
Fine Gael loses ground but still manages to increase lead over Fianna Fáil in latest opinion poll
Satisfaction with the government jumps after referendum result
Fine Gael back on top as latest opinion poll shows seven point surge
Support for Fine Gael is dropping like a stone, they're down 4% in the last month
How much more damage can the Maíria Cahill controversy inflict on Sinn Féin?
Good news (and bad) for coalition as opinion polls give contrasting takes
Sinn Féin rebounds, others remain the same
Labour, Fine Gael see drop in support as majority 'dissatisfied' with Govt