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1. #LIMERICK: Gardaí have arrested seven people in connection with yesterday morning’s double shooting in Limerick city. Four men and three women are being held at various stations around the city. It had previously been thought that the two had died in a murder-suicide pact, but no weapon was found at the scene.

2. #FINE GAEL: Fine Gael has said that the personal details of about 2,000 users have been compromised after the website was hacked last night by the Anonymous ‘hacktivist’ collective. The party has written to affected users, whose email addresses and phone numbers were copied and sent to the Evening Herald.

3. #ETA: The Basque separatist group ETA has announced a permanent ceasefire, three months after halting their armed attacks. In September, the group – which seeks an independent Basque nation in southern France and northern Spain – had called for international mediation in the conflict.

4. #BLOODY MARY: Éirígí councillor Louise Minihan has pleaded not guilty to assault charges in Dublin District Court in relation to the November incident which saw health minister Mary Harney sprayed with red paint at a sod-turning ceremony. Minihan’s plea means the matter is now likely to go to trial, where Harney may be asked to give evidence.

5. #MCINERNEY: McInerney Homes Ltd is likely to have a receiver appointed after the High Court refused to allow a €25m takeover bid. The court said that allowing the takeover would be prejudicial to Anglo Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland and KBC – which together are owed €110m by McInerney, and who claim they still stand a reasonable chance of recouping their loans. The company has been in examinership since September.