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1. #OLLI REHN: Europe’s favourite economics commissioner (well, we only have one) has finished his two-day visit to Ireland with a speech affirming Europe’s backing to Ireland as it tries to rescue its financial sector – but reminding Ireland that turning itself around take not only time, but “determined and sometimes painful decisions”. The speech in full can be found here.

Earlier, Rehn had told opposition parties that the €15bn total of budget adjustments required to bring the budget deficit within EU limits by 2014 could be renegotiated, depending on Ireland’s economic performance.

2. #BOND MARKETS: 7.938%. Enough said really… except for the fact that the ECB have begun buying up bonds once more in an attempt to manufacture demand for bonds, which appears not to be making much of an impact in stimulating more confidence.

3. #ANGLO: The Commercial Court has heard that files arising from the criminal investigation into alleged financial irregularities at Anglo Irish Bank will be sent to the DPP before the end of the year.

4. #HOUSE OF HORRORS: The Austrian house in which Josef Fritzl held his daughter captive for 24 years and raped her over 3,000 times – resulting in seven children – is to be destroyed, after a bankruptcy judge decided there was no chance of finding a buyer for it.

5. #NEIGH-SAYER: Guinness have confirmed that American racehorse Zenyatta is still welcome to visit the brewery at St James’ Gate despite not winning the Breeders’ Cup Classic on Saturday. Zenyatta – a fan of the drink – is given a pint as a ‘special treat’ on occasional afternoons, and Guinness had offered a free trip to the horse and its trainer and owners if it was able to win its final race.