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1. #BAILOUT REPUBLIC?: The Department of Finance has refused to comment on rumours circulating in trader circles today that the International Monetary Fund is preparing to offer Ireland a bailout, such is the price of government borrowing.

Today the cost of 10-year government bonds not only breached the 8% barrier, but smashed it: at close of trade the bonds were trading at 8.625%, while even 2-year bonds had breached 6%.

2. #STUDENT MARCH: The national students’ union has distanced itself from rioters caught up in clashes with police after a national march against increased university fees turned violent.

Sound familiar? It should. It happened last Wednesday in Irelandand again today in the UK, where NUS has distanced itself from violence after 50,000 students attended an anti-fees march. The Conservative Party’s headquarters have been stormed by protestors.

3. #COURTS: A Louth businessman has claimed that managers at a mining company for which he worked tried to reduce his status in his company by issuing a press release confirming he had a habit of sleepwalking while naked.

Donal Kinsella was on an overseas business trip with Kenmare Resources when on a single night he awoke a female secretary in another room by knocking at her door while sleepwalking nude. He claims the company tried to oust him by issuing a press release on the subject.

4. #SEASON OF GOODWILL: Google CEO Eric Schmidt has given his company’s 23,000 employees – including the 1,700 working in Dublin – something to smile about. Every single one of them is getting a 10% pay raise and increased bonuses in January, and $1,000 of a Christmas bonus each.

5. #MEN AT WORK: It’s long been a favourite of students, nurses, culchies and international rugby stars – but mow we know that Copper Face Jack’s is the Dublin nightclub of choice for Australia’s footie stars.

Aussie Rules agent Ricky Nixon has said his national side was so underwhelmed by the prospect of the International Rules tour – which they essentially treat as a free holiday – that they spent more time texting home about their experiences in Copper’s than focussing on the series, which they won anyway.