The 9 at 9 Nine things you need to know by 9am: British police may investigate Neil Prendeville; how Barack Obama was locked out of the White House and the cheating scandal that’s rocking the chess world.

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1. #SUMMIT: Portugal’s political crisis has led to mounting speculation that it will be forced to seek a bailout. Meanwhile, Ireland’s renegotiation of our bailout has been put on hold, with reports suggesting the government may be facing into weeks of negotiations to persuade the EU to reduce the rate of the bailout loan.

2. #NEIL PRENDEVILLE: Aer Lingus is to ask the British authorities to investigate radio presenter Neil Prendeville’s actions on a flight from London last October, after the DPP decided that he should not be prosecuted in this jurisdiction, the Irish Examiner reports. Prendeville – who has no memory of the incident in which he masturbated on the flight – is due to return to his show on Monday. The presenter is expected to give an hour-long interview to Cork’s 96fm at 11am this morning.

3. #FUKUSHIMA: The threat of nuclear fallout is ‘receding’ at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant despite efforts being complicated by the injuries to three workers. Meanwhile, two Japanese travellers who arrived in China have been hospitalised with high levels of radiation.

4. #BURMA: The latest from earthquake-stricken Burma suggests that 60 people have died.

5. #SIAN: The hunt for missing British woman Sian O’Callaghan has turned into a double murder investigation. A man has been arrested on suspicion of her kidnapping, and police in Britain now say they’re looking for a second body.

6. #BRAZIL: Five Brazilian police officers have been arrested after TV stations broadcast footage of some of them appearing to shoot a 14-year-old boy. The child survived and is now in a witness protection programme with his family, the BBC reports.

7. #FERTILITY: Scientists have succeeded in growing sperm in a lab, marking a breakthrough in male fertility treatments. The procedure could also benefit boys with cancer who are at risk of becoming infertile through chemotherapy, the Guardian reports.

8. #OOPS: Barack Obama was accidentally locked out of the White House after he returned early and unexpectedly from a trip to Latin America. Whistling nonchalantly while TV cameras filmed the incident, he tried two sets of locked doors before he finally got in, the Telegraph reports.

9. #CHECKMATE: The chess world has been rocked by an unprecedented scandal after three members of the French team were accused of cheating, using mobile text messages, a remote chess computer and coded signals. The French team’s own vice president blew the whistle after she found a text message addressed to team member Cyril Marzolo from 19-year-old grand master Sébastian Feller which read: “Hurry up and send me some moves.”