Angelica Salamlo and Liam Doran from Co Wexford at the launch of the Irish Hairdressing Champsionship which take place on 4 March.
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The Daily Fix: Sunday

In the Fix: Whitney Houston’s last performance, and Merkozy ‘hijacking’ eurozone policy.

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  • Alan Dukes, chairman of the bank formerly known as Anglo, has criticised eurozone leaders for allowing Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy to “hijack” eurozone policy-making. Dukes also suggested that the Irish government could succeed in securing more favourable bailout terms and an alleviation on the bank-funding promissory notes.
  • The Greek parliament is set to vote on its latest raft of controversial austerity measures tonight. The prime minister has warned of “economic and social catastrophe” if MPs do not approve the proposals.
  • Hundreds of Priory Hall residents and their supporters turned out for a protest rally in north Dublin today over the ongoing stalemate regarding the future of the apartment complex.
  • The head of the Arab League’s suspended observer mission to Syria has resigned. Meanwhile, the League wants UN observers to join a renewed observer mission.
  • Award-winning singer Whitney Houston has died aged 48. Houston was found dead in an LA hotel room last night. Her ex-husband Bobby Brown, with whom she had a tumultuous relationship, led the tributes to the late star during a performance last night. You can see some of her hit videos here, and here is her last known public performance at a pre-Grammy party with Kelly Price:

(Video via the AssociatedPress)

  • Convicted ‘speed freak killer’ Wesley Shermantine has led US authorities to the site where human remains were discovered this week. He provided the information after agreeing a $33,000 deal with a bounty hunter.
  • Finance Minister Michael Noonan has said he is prepared to bring in “outside expertise” for the Department of Finance review of senior staff pay at the state-owned banks.
  • Small deer, wild boars and zebra mussels: have you seen any of Ireland’s ‘most unwanted’ invasive species?
  • NASA has launched a new exhibition comprised of dramatic images of the sun as captured by the space agency’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. You can see some of those images here (including one that looks uncannily like a face…)
  • From topless photos to Donald Trump role plays, here are some of the ways people tried to make their job applications stand out from the crowd.
  • “Neither orcas nor any other animal were included in the ‘We the people’… when the Constitution was adopted.” That and more in our Week in Quotes round-up.
  • In this evening’s column, the organiser of Ireland’s first sex festival Beth Wallace discusses how attitudes to sex have changed in Ireland – but says we’re not quite there yet.