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Top comments of the week

Did you make the cut?

EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by our readers over the past seven days.

This week there was a lot of talk about abortion, the refugee crisis and a horse on the Luas.

The 5 most popular comments this week

Leon Breen - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Source: Facebook

1. Baile Dub doesn’t seem entirely convinced two Dublin guys’ trip to Paris after their Debs was spontaneous.

Amazingly random thing to do. Also amazing that they happened to have their passports with them and didn’t plan any of it whatsoever. Such a spontaneous fun crowd!

We’re sensing a *hint* of sarcasm. Either way, 2,762 people liked the comment.

2. zebedee got 2,255 green thumbs for this comment on an article about a man who died after being attacked in Dublin city:

So the attack was caught on camera…big deal.
Recently, another scroth busted a Garda’s nose by head butting him. The scroth was being charged in a Garda station for robbing a woman at an ATM.
He threatened to assault the Garda and was warned that there was CCTV in operation.
That didn’t seem to bother him. He broke the Garda’s nose with a head butt!
The scroth was sentenced this week. He only got eight months.
He had 91 previous convictions…many for assault!

3. Under an article about being gender fluid, Fran Heavey and 1,940 others remained confused about the issue.

I feel quite stupid here but ‘gender-fluid’?????

4. Lloyd Hetherington summed up 1,724 people’s opinions about a Saudi woman being attacked on a Dublin bus by man who said ‘I hate Muslims’:

Seeking out someone ‘weaker’ to intimidate, lone female on a bus, typical cowardly bully boy behaviour.

5. Photos of a horse on the Luas prompted willr to comment:

At least the horse looks like a well behaved public transport user. A lot of humans could learn proper public transport etiquette from this horse

That one got 1,764 likes.

The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week

download Source: RollingNews.ie

1. Róisín Ingle opens up about her abortion: ‘I am not a bad person, I am not a murderer’ (331 comments)

2. Germany to start border controls in response to refugee crisis (328 comments)

3. ‘We are people sharing the same sky’: Hundreds rally in Dublin to support refugees (315 comments)

4. Latest opinion poll sees jump in support for Fine Gael and Labour (307 comments)

5. Saudi woman attacked on Dublin bus by man who said, ‘I hate Muslims’ (297 comments)

Standout comments of the week

On an open thread about the advice people would give to their 18-year-old self, Lily told a very personal story.

I first tried to kill myself at age 8. I very nearly succeeded at 15. I know exactly what I would have to say to myself to get through those years. I know what I needed to hear, to believe to have hope. Life does, get better, life is what you make it, you do matter, people do care, you are not worthless or unlovable, you are pretty inside and out, you are honest to a fault but others are no where near as honest as you, they lie all the time be careful whom you believe, whom you trust (make them earn your trust first do not take them at face value), you will have a family, own your own house, have an education and you will finally be happy, it doesn’t come without its trials but nothing will bring you down. And when you think of joining the army at 16 you have a choice, you can go with that because it’s what you will always crave but know that it’s an unknown path, and the one I have taken has been fulfilling and rewarding.

Thanks for sharing, Lily.

download Louise McSharry

Under a story about Louise McSharry’s cancer battle, Stephen Mc Elligott also shared a personal story – about his wife’s own experience of the disease:

My wife went through 3 years of Chemo for hodgkins Lymphoma in the first year she was pregnant she had the baby through chemo and she also had this constipation problem. Finally the thing that killed it was a stem cell transplant and some radiotherapy in third year. She is cancer free one year now. She suffered quite a bit both physically and mentally and along with having a new born to look after it was tough for both of us but it’s over now. She had made a new friend locally who had cancer and got the unfortunate news that she passed away recently. Cancer really is the most heartbreaking disease there is in the world and it seems for every positive story there’s one that ends in sadness also. I hope and pray for a cure someday to this awful disease. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

Sadly, Stephen Mc Elhinney‘s wife’s battle had a different outcome:

I lost my wife 16 weeks ago to GBM she was only 37 and she never complained even though she became totally dependent on me for 16 months, I would give anything to still have her now

Thank you both for sharing.

download Source: Rescue 117/Facebook

Meanwhile, many people were relieved after it emerged there were no serious injuries when a school bus overturned near Fermoy in Co Cork, with jenni noting:

All the kids are safe and alive..that’s the important thing. And well done to the driver for helping them get out by smashing the window. He must have been shocked and terrified at the same time.

News that the final Ballymun tower is set to be demolished made Trevor Weafer a bit nostalgic:

Even tho the towers always had a bad rep, they were still iconic in Dublin. Having grown up in a council estate myself around the corner from a similar housing project of blocks of flats that were demolished too a few years ago, it’s bittersweet to see them finally go.

whale Source: Irish Air Corps

The Irish Air Corps shared some great photos of whales off the Galway coast.

Joe Boyle had this to say about the images:

Awesome pics, North Atlantic humpback Whale, Heading north this time of year … That same Whale will be found as far north as Norway and as south as the Dominican Republic .. All just for food and sex.. Awesome creatures :)

Speaking of animals, someone brought a horse on to the Luas on Thursday, as you do.

download (3) Source: Una Mc Crystal

Our story prompted Neal Ireland Hello to say:

There was a time when we made horses pull trams. Surely the least we could do is give them free travel in their retirement?

m4dmapo-ec003-390x285 Source: Disney

News that a Mary Poppins remake is on the way wasn’t well received.

Therightman2015 kicked things off in good style:

No amount of sugar will help this go down

Before Liam Jordan added:

This idea is simply quite atrocious.

pat-22-390x285 Pat Kenny back in the day. Source: YouTube

Meanwhile, when it emerged that someone has created a Spotify playlist of every single song used on the brilliant Reeling in the Years some people got very excited.

Jeni Moriarty commented:

reeling in the years makes me cry every bloody time I love it

On another note, Snapchat announced some new features during the week. There was a moment of brilliance in the comments section when Ryan Hardy noted:

Yeah I’d love to pay for a replay of some girls inspiring snap of her cup of tea with attached message ‘bae’

And David O’Brien responded:

Cupan bae

Nice work, David.

download (1)

On an article about Ireland’s newest Michelin star restaurants, Robin Hilliard gave us a laugh with this comment:

download (4) Source: shauntaylor1218

How did you find your venison, Sir? Well, I moved the communion biscuits and there it was!

Finally, Gavin Radford had this to say about the tradition of clapping when a plane lands safely:

I often clap for the bus driver when he safely brings me into town. Why discriminate?

Fair point.

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