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Dublin: 10 °C Monday 20 February, 2017


# brexit - Yesterday’s News


# brexit - Saturday 18 February, 2017

Anti-Brexit campaigners create 'mock customs post' amid hard border fears

Border Communities Against Brexit staged the protest this morning.

In the cold North Sea, the Shetland Islands flirts with independence from Britain (and Scotland)

Brexit has forced the islands to think again about their situation.


# brexit - Friday 17 February, 2017

Tony Blair wants Britain to fight against Brexit

Britain is expected to officially apply to leave the EU in March.

# brexit - Thursday 16 February, 2017

One concrete benefit of Brexit: The Passport Office is hiring extra staff

230 temp staff are being hired to deal with the post-Brexit vote surge.

Hard border fears as government accused of seeking out locations for customs posts

Sinn Féin wants clarity on the ‘hard border’ issue.

# brexit - Monday 13 February, 2017

British businesses struggling to fill jobs as EU migrants stay away

Job vacancies in the UK economy remain well above historical average levels.

# brexit - Sunday 12 February, 2017

Bertie Ahern says Theresa May's Brexit strategy is putting peace in the North at risk

Ahern said any attempt to create a physical border would be “create a lot of bad feeling”.

# brexit - Wednesday 8 February, 2017

Scotland now split on independence; May says no need for second referendum

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond tweeted a picture of the poll’s close results, with the caption: “Game on…”

# brexit - Tuesday 7 February, 2017

'We will never turn our back on Europe': Scottish parliament rejects Brexit

The Scottish Parliament voted by 90 votes to 34 that the draft legislation should not proceed – but that vote has no legal force.

# brexit - Monday 6 February, 2017

Irish retailers claim they didn't have a very merry Christmas

Irish retailers claim they didn't have a very merry Christmas

Retail Ireland called their latest shopping figures “disappointing”.

# brexit - Friday 3 February, 2017

Pat Casey says it 'wasn't easy to take' Stephen Donnelly joining Fianna Fáil

The former Social Democrat and independent TD has been sharply critical of Fianna Fáil in the past.

Enda off to Malta for EU meeting but Theresa May set to be excluded

All 28 EU leaders will attend today’s meeting in Malta, with Theresa May to be excluded from the afternoon session.

# brexit - Thursday 2 February, 2017

'We are inescapably intertwined': Ireland gets a whole section in Brexit plan

The word “Ireland” appears 132 times in the 77-page Brexit whitepaper.

Irish people aren't very optimistic about Northern Ireland's future

A group of Irish adults were asked “Are you optimistic about Northern Ireland’s future?”

# brexit - Wednesday 1 February, 2017

UK MPs vote to back government Brexit bill

MPs backed legislation that would give Theresa May the power to trigger Article 50 and begin negotiations around Brexit.

# brexit - Tuesday 31 January, 2017

Celtic Tiger's Metro North likely to be fast-tracked

Dublin Port and Dublin Airport are also tipped to benefit from increased capital expenditure.

# brexit - Monday 30 January, 2017

Enda Kenny says he will tell Trump in person that he disagrees with his travel ban

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is in Dublin today to meet Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

Enda Kenny will have a meeting with Theresa May in Dublin today

This visit comes after the British Prime Minister met with US President Donald Trump on Friday.

# brexit - Sunday 29 January, 2017

Fianna Fáil is the most popular party in the country

Fine Gael and Sinn Féin have both lost ground.

# brexit - Saturday 28 January, 2017

Theresa May signs €117m fighter jet deal with Turkey

The British Prime Minister is seeking to boost trade with the country post-Brexit.

Mary Mitchell O'Connor says she can handle criticism but it 'really hurts' her parents

The minister says her sick mother has lost sleep over some of the commentary about her performance.

# brexit - Friday 27 January, 2017

Trump to Theresa: 'A free and independent Britain is a blessing to the world'

Trump had accepted an invitation to make a state visit to Britain later this year.

Star Wars, Game of Thrones and exchange rates helped Irish tourism have a record year

A total of 9.58 million people visited Ireland in 2016.

# brexit - Thursday 26 January, 2017

One of Ireland's biggest mushroom farms has bought a major rival - all because of Brexit

Wexford’s Walsh Mushrooms took over Tipperary’s Golden Mushrooms as they battle a weak pound.

May determined to stick to her Brexit timetable as she publishes Article 50 bill

MPs will get their first chance to debate the Article 50 bill next Wednesday.

# brexit - Tuesday 24 January, 2017

'I intend to say well done to our social media team and give them a raise' - Michael O'Leary

The Ryanair CEO was in flying form this morning at the launch of the airline’s winter schedule for 2017.

Explainer: What happens now the UK parliament will have to vote on Brexit?

It won’t stop Brexit, but Theresa May’s government won’t have it all its own way.

UK Supreme Court rules Brexit must be approved by Parliament

The UK Supreme Court had been expected to back up the High Court’s previous decision that Parliament must vote on whether or not to invoke Article 50.

# brexit - Monday 23 January, 2017

Column: 'It's crucial that we discuss the causes of the Brexit vote and support for political extremes'

In Europe, economic priorities still dominate social priorities. This must change, writes Dr Seán Healy.

# brexit - Sunday 22 January, 2017

Yanis Varoufakis: 'Ireland may end up as collateral damage in Brexit talks'

Politicians, journalists and critics have expressed concern that Ireland may emerge the worst from Brexit negotiations.

'The clock is ticking' for Scotland to call a second independence referendum

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says that Scotland is now in “uncharted waters”.

# brexit - Thursday 19 January, 2017

An Taoiseach went on CNBC from Davos and said there's no chance of an Irish election in 2017

Asked whether there should be one, he said “not at all”.

# brexit - Wednesday 18 January, 2017

The British and German media reacted very differently to May's speech

From ‘The Iron Lady’ to ‘Little Britain’ – vested interests mean the assessment of her speech has been varied to say the least.

'The UK says it needs 50 new trade agreements straight away... Is that doable?'

Theresa May’s government has 24 months to negotiate them – on top of the day jobs.

# brexit - Tuesday 17 January, 2017

Poll: Should the Irish government invite Theresa May to address the Dáil? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should the Irish government invite Theresa May to address the Dáil?

Prime Minister May is due to visit Ireland before the end of the month.

Opinion: Theresa May seems to be saying 'Give me the deal I want or the 64 million Brits get it'

The ultimate shape of Brexit will only emerge in 2018 and beyond, despite Theresa May’s current posturing, writes Dr Declan Jordan.

8 things we learned from Theresa May’s Brexit speech

And what it means for Ireland.

As it happened: Theresa May has outlined her plans for Brexit

The British Prime Minister has given us her 12-point plan for Brexit this morning.

'Brexit means Brexit': We've now got an idea of what that actually means

British Prime Minister Theresa May is to make a major speech today about Britain’s future.

# brexit - Monday 16 January, 2017

Enda Kenny and Theresa May have had a phone call about Northern Ireland

The also spoke about May’s much anticipated speech on Brexit scheduled for tomorrow.

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