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#Mark Zuckerberg

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 1 February, 2018

Poll: Are you using Facebook less since it changed its news feed? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Are you using Facebook less since it changed its news feed?

The social network has reported a fall of 5% in the amount of time spent on its site since it moved to prioritise human interactions over media and business updates last month.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 12 January, 2018

Facebook is rolling out one of its biggest-ever changes to its news feed

Facebook will now put friends and family above pages or celebrities in a user’s news feed.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 5 January, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg's personal New Year's resolution is to 'fix' Facebook

Zuckerberg began taking on New Year’s challenges in 2009 and has continued every year since.

# mark-zuckerberg - Saturday 4 November, 2017

Leo, Zuckerberg and Tim Cook: Varadkar's mission to woo US tech companies

Microsoft, Facebook and Apple – the Taoiseach made pitstop visits to them all this week.

# mark-zuckerberg - Wednesday 11 October, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg apologises for use of VR video to highlight Puerto Rico aid message

Yesterday, Zuckerberg used Facebook’s app Spaces to roam through a VR-produced 360 video of Puerto Rico.

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 28 September, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg fires back after US President claims Facebook is 'always anti-Trump'

Mark Zuckerberg did apologise for dismissing the idea that misinformation on Facebook may have influenced the election.

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 21 September, 2017

Zuckerberg says Facebook will give Russia-linked election ads to Congress

The social media mogul made the announcement in a livestream on his Facebook page.

# mark-zuckerberg - Wednesday 20 September, 2017

12 solid reasons to ditch the guilt and let your toddler play with your iPad

Let’s not get hysterical about screen time, writes Chrissie Russell.

# mark-zuckerberg - Monday 10 July, 2017

From The42 Tottenham deny £1billion takeover from buyer backed by Facebook owner The Social Network

Tottenham deny £1billion takeover from buyer backed by Facebook owner

Spurs have issued a response to speculation that a man associated with Mark Zuckerberg is interested in owning the club.

# mark-zuckerberg - Monday 8 May, 2017

Facebook publishes ads in newspapers warning people about fake news

Misinformation spread via the social network is thought to have influenced the election of Donald Trump and the Brexit vote.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 17 February, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to be a 'global community'

In a wide-ranging post of nearly 6,000 words, Zuckerberg said Facebook can play a role in bringing people together.

# mark-zuckerberg - Saturday 11 February, 2017

India could be the home of the next Mark Zuckerberg

Success stories include Flipkart, Amazon’s rival in India, and online supermarket Big Basket.

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 2 February, 2017

Almost two billion people are on Facebook now

Facebook said it made a net profit of $3.7 billion in the fourth quarter of last year.

# mark-zuckerberg - Saturday 28 January, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg drops controversial lawsuits seeking to buy Hawaiian land

The Facebook CEO and his wife Priscilla Chan said they were ending the cases “to find a better path forward”.

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 17 November, 2016

An open letter to Mark Zuckerberg from the world’s fact-checkers (including

Fact-checkers from around the world, including’s FactCheck, set out their stall on Facebook and fake news.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 11 November, 2016

'Fake news had nothing to do with Donald Trump's victory' - Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s CEO is adamant that the proliferation of less-than-truthful news had no bearing on the US election result.

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 22 September, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan want to end all disease

The couple have pledged $3 billion to efforts to prevent, cure or manage disease.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 9 September, 2016

Facebook does u-turn on censoring 'napalm girl' photo

Norway’s biggest selling newspaper had accused Facebook of censorship.

# mark-zuckerberg - Sunday 7 August, 2016

Inside Area 404 - Facebook's heavy-duty tech lab that Zuckerberg isn't even allowed enter

It’s where all Facebook’s hardware prototypes are made.

# mark-zuckerberg - Monday 4 January, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg's New Year's resolution is straight from a superhero comic book

The Facebook CEO wants to build an AI system like ‘Jarvis from Iron Man’.

# mark-zuckerberg - Tuesday 1 December, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg is giving away $45 billion

That’s around €42 billion.

# mark-zuckerberg - Sunday 4 October, 2015

From dorm room to global domination: The story of Facebook in pictures

It’s come a long way from Harvard.

# mark-zuckerberg - Sunday 27 September, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg and Bono want to bring the internet to refugee camps

“A ‘like’ or a post won’t stop a tank or a bullet, but when people are connected, we have the chance to build a common global community.”

# mark-zuckerberg - Sunday 30 August, 2015

Here's how much you could earn working for Facebook

The social networking behemoth isn’t too shabby a place to ply your trade.

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 27 August, 2015

ONE BILLION people logged into Facebook on the same day, this week

You win, Zuckerberg. You win.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 31 July, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg has written a lovely letter about his wife's miscarriages

He announced that his wife Priscilla is pregnant.

Facebook's solar-powered laser drone masterplan is starting to take shape From Above This post contains videos

Facebook's solar-powered laser drone masterplan is starting to take shape

The drones will beam down internet from 90,000 feet.

# mark-zuckerberg - Sunday 5 July, 2015

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 30 April, 2015

VIDEO: Watch a very young Mark Zuckerberg trying to explain ‘The Facebook’

“When we first launched we were hoping for, you know, maybe 400, 500 people.”

# mark-zuckerberg - Tuesday 17 March, 2015

Could the man who defrauded Mark Zuckerberg be in Ireland?

Paul Ceglia has been on the run for over a week

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 12 December, 2014

From The Daily Edge Mark Zuckerberg is actually considering a Facebook 'dislike' button Dislike

Mark Zuckerberg is actually considering a Facebook 'dislike' button

How might we convince you to follow through on this, Mr Zuckerberg?

# mark-zuckerberg - Monday 10 November, 2014

From The Daily Edge Jerry Seinfeld thinks Mark Zuckerberg 'may have something' with Facebook Not-so-early Adopter

Jerry Seinfeld thinks Mark Zuckerberg 'may have something' with Facebook

Not an early adopter, our Seinfeld.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 7 November, 2014

'Facebook can stop Ebola' — says Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook CEO said he is optimistic that together the Facebook community can help stop the spread of the virus.

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 23 October, 2014

# mark-zuckerberg - Wednesday 22 October, 2014

With a little help from Ireland, Facebook paid no UK tax last year

It made an estimated £371 million in revenue in the region in 2013.

# mark-zuckerberg - Saturday 18 October, 2014

John Grisham, college fees, and Facebook: The week in numbers

Plus: How much has Mark Zuckerberg donated to the fight against Ebola?

# mark-zuckerberg - Tuesday 14 October, 2014

Mark Zuckerberg is donating €20 million to stop Ebola from 'becoming like HIV'

Facebook’s CEO said that the virus must be brought under control soon, before it becomes a “long-term global health crisis”.

# mark-zuckerberg - Friday 15 August, 2014

From The Daily Edge Bill Gates accepts Mark Zuckerberg's ice-bucket challenge with delightfully nerdy results Open The Flood Gates

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 14 August, 2014

From The Daily Edge Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was challenged to dump a bucket of ice over his head… and he did it Brrrrrr

# mark-zuckerberg - Thursday 24 July, 2014

Facebook is raking it in as earnings soar to $2.9 billion

More users, more mobile apps, more ads = lots more money.

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