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7 unexpected advantages of being a nerd

It’s hip to be square.

BEING A GEEK or a nerd in school could be tough.

You desperately wanted to be cool, but your braces and obsessive love for Star Wars held you back from the heady realm of the popular crowd.

However, a little late for us in secondary school unfortunately, nerdy attributes have become distinctly cool.

First, heavy-rimmed specs were co-opted by hipsters and then an avalanche of comic book movies rushed into the cinema. Being a nerd is now an asset rather than a liability – and here’s why.

1. All the best technology

Twenty years ago, a tech nerd would have been laughed at for their dream of high-speed internet access and more RAM than you could shake a stick at. With the rise and rise of the internet, however, it’s the hardware-obsessed geek who has had the last laugh.

Image: via Adverts.ie

An Apple aficionado  from the get-go, they now know everything there is to know – and as a consequence, they have all the best kit.

However, having tech know-how also has its draw-backs. As the family or resident nerd, you WILL constantly be called upon to fix the broadband. Sigh.

2. Insider knowledge on pop culture

New Batman in the cinema? Puh-lease. Comic book nerds have been reading these since you were reading your Ladybird books.

Image: via Adverts.ie

Smugness around niche elements of popular culture – be it films, comic books or gaming – is a major benefit of being a nerd.

However, nerds might want to heed the warning of the overly-smug gang in Big Bang Theory and not gloat too hard. It’s not a good look.

3. Thick skin

You’ve been through it all as a geek. You’ve weathered the storm of rejection, embarrassment and being made fun of to come out a resilient, confident person.

Image: via Giphy

As a result, awkward social situations barely faze you. (Or if they still do, at least you’re vaguely used to it by now, right?)

4. Stash of box-fresh memorabilia

Oh, how the other kids used to laugh as you saved up your pocket money for a Superman figurine, then never played with it.

Image: via Adverts.ie

But now it’s worth a couple of grand box-fresh on the internet.

Those kids are laughing out the other side of their mouth now, eh? Suckers.

5. Nostalgia points

With nostalgia for consoles and games of eras gone by at an all time high, you have become king of pub conversation.

Simply no one remembers Sonic on the Sega Megadrive better than you.

Image: via Adverts.ie

And now suddenly everyone wants to hear about it. Result.

6. Pub quiz victories

Your encyclopedic knowledge of what actor played James Bond in what films makes you an indispensable member of any pub quiz team.

Image: via Giphy

Pointless and mildly obsessive trivia is your middle name! Claim your prize: social validation.

7. The nerd look is in fashion

There has been an explosion of teen girls around lately wearing tee-shirts proudly proclaiming themselves a “NERD”. That’s your style they’re jacking.

Image: via The CWD

Band tee-shirt? Check. Heavy glasses? Check. Scruffy mop-top? Check. Stubble? Check.

You’re in fashion now, Pointdexter. Get used to it.

However you identify yourself, there’s stuff to suit your style on Adverts.ie. Whether you’re looking for never-opened action figures or the latest piece of tech hardware, you’ll find something to suit even the geekiest obsession.

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