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How well do you remember videogames from the 90s?

Think your memories of the SNES and Playstation are as fresh as ever? Why not find out.

Where did Super Mario World take place?
Dinosaur Land
Mushroom Kingdom

Beanbean Kingdom
Monster Island (which was actually a peninsula)
Which artist was initially involved in the music production of Sonic 3 before pulling out?
Sean Combs
Michael Jackson

Kayne West
When Revenge of Shinobi (Mega Drive) was first released, SEGA got into trouble for using iconic characters as enemies. Which character was not removed from the final version?
When Micro Machines 2 was released on Mega Drive, it came on a special cartridge called the J-Cart. What was unique about it?
It had extra memory, allowing the developers to fit more content into it.
It had two control ports built into the cart, allowing four-player races.

It supported backwards compatibility with older SEGA consoles.
It could be played in any region (Japan, US, UK).
In Donkey Kong Country (SNES), what did the Kremlings steal from the Kong Family?
The Golden Banana
Their banana hoard

This hand-crafted banana slicer.
Nothing. They kicked them out of their home.
In the Street Fighter series, what country is Sagat from?
Hong Kong

The Pokémon series started with Red and Green (later Blue) on the Game Boy, but what year was it first released in Japan?

In Final Fantasy VII (PS1), what was the name of Cloud Strife's sword?

Buster Sword
In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64), which item didn't appear in the game?
Megaton Hammer

Hover Boots
Great Fairy Sword
In the adventure game Grim Fandango (PC), what is Manny Calavera's job?
Grim Reaper
Car salesman

Travel agent
In the original Tomb Raider, what artefact was Lara Croft searching for?
The Dagger of Xian
The Scion

The Amulet of Horus
In Perfect Dark (N64), what was the name of the alien you rescue (and team up with) in Area 51?

Which city wasn't included in the first Driver (PS1) game?
San Francisco

New Orleans
New York
In the original Resident Evil game, which character was described in-game as 'the master of unlocking'?
Jill Valentine
Chris Redfield

Albert Wesker
Leon S. Kennedy
Out of these four characters, which one was the last to appear on the original Playstation?
Crash Bandicoot
Vibri (Vib Ribbon)

Parappa the Rapper
Spyro the Dragon
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Game Over!
You weren't really a 90s kid, were you?
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Could do with some work
Your memory is a little like Sonic. Used to be great years ago. Now, not so much.
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A solid effort
You could almost call it a 'Solid Snake' effort, eh? Get it?
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Your memories are just as fresh as Mario's current adventures. Great job!
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