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# AI

Last week
19th November 2023 - 25th November 2023
Fianna Fáil senators warn ‘deepfakes' have 'turbocharged' disinformation threat to elections
Deepfakes are digitally manipulated images, video and audio designed to create fake material, often to misrepresent a person’s views or speech.
Former OpenAI boss Sam Altman to join Microsoft following shock sacking
OpenAI has appointed Emmett Shear as its new CEO despite reported pressure from Microsoft and other major investors to reinstate Altman.
This month
November 2023
YouTube to regulate 'synthetic' content amid fears that AI is spreading misinformation and scams
Fears are mounting over AI even being used to falsely depict people appearing in pornography.
The Beatles release their last song, Now And Then
After the recording was processed using the new technology ‘there it was, John Lennon’s voice, crystal clear’, Paul McCartney said.
AI 'one of the biggest threats' to humanity, warns Elon Musk
The comments came at an international AI summit in the UK.
AI named Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary
Other words getting more mentions include nepo baby and debanking.
Last month
October 2023
Insufficient evidence to rule out threat to humanity from AI, UK government paper says
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will today set out how he will address the dangers presented by AI while harnessing the benefits.
Tom Hanks warns of ad with AI imposter promoting dental plan
Safeguards against AI being used to replicate screen talent was among the issues fought over during the Hollywood writers strike.
Fake Porn, Real Victims: We must stop the easy use of AI to create nude images of women & girls
Two experts look at the worrying case of deepnude image generation in Spain this week.
This year
Hozier 'absolutely' prepared for Hollywood-style strike over AI threat to the music industry
The singer said he would ‘absolutely’ join in solidarity if there was a music strike similar to the Hollywood action.
Mother of murdered two-year-old James Bulger condemns “sick” AI-generated clips of son on TikTok
Denise Fergus condemned the animations as “disgusting” in an interview with The Mirror.
NUJ has ‘grave concern’ over AI-generated story on refugees published by regional news group
The online article was published this morning across Iconic Media digital titles.
'This is a not a thinking machine': Ireland's experts react to AI industry doomsday warnings
Proclamations coming from the industry in recent months would have people believe the robot revolution is just around the corner.
Google developing AI tool for journalism alongside major American newspapers
The project was first reported by The New York Times, which is working with The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal in testing the new product.
Analysis: Generative AI won’t replace human creativity, but it will change it
DCU’s Vlad Glaveanu and Constance de Saint Laurent look at the fears around AI and ask if it really will threaten human creativity.
Elon Musk launches xAI, his new artificial intelligence startup
Musk was a co-founder and early funder of OpenAI.
AI robots tell UN they could run the world: 'Together, we could achieve great things'
‘What a silent tension,’ one robot said before addressing the UN conference.
Column: 'Innovation should be encouraged, but not to just benefit oligarchic trillionaires'
One of the strange things about our collective reaction to AI is that it is so overwhelmingly framed in the negative, writes economist Ciarán Casey as he looks to the bright side.
Opinion: When it comes to news trust, AI presents both opportunities and risks
Dr Kirsty Park reacts to this year’s global Digital News Report and looks at the impacts of AI on journalism as a whole.
AI to generate commentary at European Games
The team athletics will take place from 20-25 June in Chorzow in Poland
Paul McCartney: 'Final' Beatles record to be released this year with 'John's voice' aided by AI
McCartney did not name the song that has been recorded but according to the BBC it is likely to be Now And Then.
Hundreds attend AI church service in Germany
The ChatGPT chatbot led more than 300 people through 40 minutes of prayer, music, sermons and blessings.
British PM Rishi Sunak announces UK will host first global AI summit ahead of talks with Biden
Sunak will raise the issue of artificial intelligence regulation with Joe Biden when they meet in the White House tomorrow.
AI poses 'extinction' risk to humanity if it grows too advanced, experts say
A statement signed by dozens of specialists said tackling the risks from AI should be ‘a global priority’ as important as preventing ‘pandemics and nuclear war’.
Opinion: Is it time for us to talk about creating AI-free spaces?
Law professor Antonio Pele looks at the rise of AI and asks if we’re doing enough to protect ourselves along the way.
Irish Times editor says paper fell victim to 'coordinated deception' on hoax fake tan article
‘The person we were corresponding with was not who they claimed to be,’ Irish Times editor Ruadhán Mac Cormaic said.
Regulating Artificial Intelligence: 'AI Act' passes it's first key vote in EU
The act will implement new transparency obligations which AI developers must meet to tackle issues around copyright infringement.
'Godfather of AI' quits Google to warn of the technology's dangers
Geoffrey Hinton, who created a foundation technology for AI systems, said that advancements in the field posed ‘profound risks to society and humanity’.
'Extreme' recent advancement of Artificial Intelligence raises concerns for copyright holders
A report by
Jane Moore
A UCD assistant professor told The Journal that a conversation about how we use AI is needed.
Editor of German magazine fired after using AI to generate fake Michael Schumacher quotes
Schumacher’s family said they were planning legal action.
Editor of German magazine fired after using AI to generate fake Michael Schumacher quotes
Schumacher’s family said they were planning legal action.
Michael Schumacher’s family plans legal action over ‘fake AI interview’ with racing legend
A family spokesperson said legal action is being planned over a ‘fake artificial intelligence interview’ by a German magazine.
Poll: Are you worried about the growth of AI technology?
Italy this week became the first Western country to temporarily block ChatGPT over data privacy concerns.
Opinion: As educators, we must step up our game in the face of ChatGPT
Three University of Galway academics explore how Artificial Intelligence is sweeping academia and ask what should be done.
With the rise of ChatGPT, how are universities planning on assessing students this year?
The software can produce essays on almost any topic in seconds, causing worry among colleges about academic integrity.
Opinion: The argument for more ministers? Just look at Roderic O'Gorman's workload
This argument isn’t about jobs for the boys and girls, writes Fianna Fáil Senator Malcolm Byrne.
Mistake in ad for Google's new artificial intelligence bot causes share price to tank
It is estimated the mistake wiped $100 billion from Google’s value.
Microsoft and Google go head-to-head with new products aimed at winning AI tech battle
The two Silicon Valley titans are rushing into the space after the ChatGPT bot caught the imagination of web users around the world.
Poll: How do you feel about new AI technology?
Let us know.
Students urged to steer clear of ChatGPT essays as bot reopens debate on college assessment
A report by
Emer Moreau
The copy-writing software has taken social media by storm, and left some educators concerned about the future of assessment.