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Tuesday 31 December, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Ask your council candidates to pledge to publish receipts for their expenses

The only way to affect real change in politics is at the ballot box. Ask you local council candidate whether they plan to voluntarily publish receipts for their expenses. If they will, tell them you’ll vote for them. If not, good luck and goodbye.

Saturday 21 December, 2013

Aaron McKenna: A functioning charity sector needs to pay well

People working in charities have mortgages and kids and wants and desires. The sector can’t hope to recruit and retain top class people, capable of running very complex operations, if they offer significantly less than the private sector.

Saturday 14 December, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Reports of drug users shooting up on public transport stops people using the service, not class

People’s negative impressions is preventing people from taking the bus, train and tram, writes Aaron McKenna, who says it’s nothing about how ‘snobby’ they are.

Saturday 7 December, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Drop Irish or go full native – it's time to decide

The Irish language is either a waste of scarce public money, or it is a national treasure that we must make it our mission to revive into daily use. Either way, it’s time to get off the fence.

Saturday 30 November, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Essential utilities like the ESB should be protected from strikes

Without power, our modern society cannot function normally – which is why workers at the ESB ought to be banned from striking and causing a total or partial power failure, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 23 November, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Jealousy of the successful is not a viable economic policy

There are many reasons why a Swiss-like pay proposal is a bad one. For one, the top one per cent of income earners in Ireland pay 20 per cent of the income tax, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 16 November, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Our government hides its actions by obstructing Freedom of Information

To hide public service deficiency and ensure that ‘accountability’ remains a word in the dictionary, senior public servants have been waging a long war on Freedom of Information, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 9 November, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Marriage is nothing more than a contract – bring on the prenups

There should be no reason that society prevents people from entering into an agreement that allows them to protect their respective assets, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 2 November, 2013

Aaron McKenna: What our water shortages tell Web Summit investors

If this first world country, where rain and green fields are an intrinsic part of the national mythos, can’t provide adequate water to its capital city… what else might the Irish be bad at providing for?

Saturday 26 October, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Why we should move to a GPS based mileage tax on motorists

The US state of Oregon is becoming one of the first places in the world to trial the idea of rolling out per-mile taxation of motorists. We should follow suit.

Saturday 19 October, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Giving free GP care for all children under 6 is reckless

Not all families NEED help in sending their children to a GP – but the Government is ignoring that in a cynical ploy to curry favour with the electorate.

Saturday 12 October, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Anti-tobacco policies are lining criminals' pockets

It is not simple to change a societal behaviour – just ask the American prohibitionists – and plans to ban menthol and slim cigarettes will surrender money to criminal elements, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 5 October, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Just where does all that tax you pay go?

Do you know how much you personally spend on constructing new schools? On infrastructure? On servicing national debt? Aaron McKenna looks at how the Government spends your money.

Saturday 28 September, 2013

Aaron McKenna: The 9% VAT rate proves it - lowering taxes creates jobs

“It is disingenuous of government to claim that it was a temporary measure… and getting rid of it is a kick in the head to anyone who has invested in the hospitality industry.”

Saturday 21 September, 2013

Column: Fire up the misinformation machine – the cowards have returned from their holidays

Our politicians have returned to the Dáil, so get ready to be told the sky is green and the hills are blue, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 14 September, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Le Vell trial highlights argument for defendant anonymity in rape cases

The UK should follow Ireland’s example and put anonymity provisions in place for defendants in rape trials, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 7 September, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Our government squanders money while cutting funding to charities

They might make all the right noises about “difficult choices” but this is the truth: our government would rather tell disabled children to go without than tackle overpaid bureaucrats, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 31 August, 2013

Aaron McKenna: The 'broadcasting charge' is a shake down – plain and simple

Using the property tax register to administer the tax is a smash and grab. Why is government allowed to do things in a manner that would probably be banned elsewhere? asks Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 24 August, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Finally they admit – we have too many EU directives to scrutinise

Member states are drowning under EU regulation, as Alex White himself recognised this week. We simply shouldn’t pass more laws than our legislature can physically examine, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 17 August, 2013

Aaron McKenna: The Special Criminal Court is the best solution for organised crime

The court has been criticised by human rights bodies – but until we can guarantee a fair trial by jury where witnesses, jurors, and others are protected from intimidation we need to keep it, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 10 August, 2013

Column: It’s time to tax and regulate marijuana sale in Ireland

Uruguay is legalising the cultivation, sale and possession of marijuana. Why? Because the ‘war on drugs’ doesn’t protect the public, it it only lines the pockets of criminals. Ireland should follow Uruguay’s lead, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 3 August, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Asylum seekers are our new institutional home victims

The principals of basic human compassion and decency would lead anybody to disgust at the conditions asylum seekers endure in Direct Provision hostels – and the warning signs clearly point to future scandal, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 27 July, 2013

Aaron McKenna: We've entered recession – again – because brave decisions are not being taken

Ireland has just entered its fourth recession since the crisis began – and what is our government doing about it? Waiting for Europe to sort out the mess, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 20 July, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Irish people are losing out on jobs because we are not multilingual

The new jobs on offer are not beyond the capabilities of our people, but there is one thing we are lacking – a proficiency in foreign languages, writes Aaron McKenna, who says we should try and rectify this for future generations.

Saturday 13 July, 2013

Aaron McKenna: We need more Lucinda Creightons – politicians who actually believe in something

Lucinda Creighton isn’t perfect and she may have embarked on a Quixotic adventure in relation to abortion – you can decide for yourself about that. But one thing nobody can deny is that we need more politicians like her, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 6 July, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Thanks to the government, internet censorship is alive and well

Ireland has bent over backwards to accommodate the wishes of copyright holders by blocking file-sharing websites – but there isn’t as much effort put into the voluntary blocking of child porn, such as exists in the UK or Norway, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 29 June, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Public service obligation routes should be put out to competitive tender

The government should put public service obligation and school routes out to competitive tender – doing so would save 20 to 30 per cent on simply handing over such cash to public sector monopolies, writes Aaron McKenna.

Wednesday 26 June, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Politicians should be investigated over Anglo, not investigating it

What angers me about these telephone recordings is that they are only the tip of the iceberg, writes Aaron McKenna, who says a banking investigation is needed now.

Saturday 22 June, 2013

Column: For bankers, summary justice is no justice at all

Just like the UK, Ireland needs to hold a major investigation into the banking sector, writes Aaron McKenna, who says while we all want to see justice, it is not going to be that easy.

Saturday 15 June, 2013

Aaron McKenna: A fair flat tax will save you money – and save the country

Ireland’s byzantine tax system creates perverse economic incentives that allow the super rich to exploit tax loopholes that widen social inequalities – it’s time for a simple and fair tax system, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 8 June, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Political ideology is preventing Ireland's economic salvation

Politicians are too busy trying to point-score with the electorate on social issue to address the real danger to our way of life – our tanking economy. A new party, focused on economic policy, is vital for Ireland, writes Aaron McKenna

Saturday 1 June, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Whatever will we do about all those job-taking immigrants?

Isn’t it odd that, at the same time as we’re begging for amnesty for illegal immigrants in another country, we posses near Arizona Tea Party Republican levels of antipathy towards certain segments of our immigrant body at home, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 25 May, 2013

Aaron McKenna: It's time for a conversation about how local government spends our money

The notion that cutting local government spending wouldn’t save the country or bring justice to bankers, and therefore it shouldn’t be touched at all, is a logical fallacy, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 18 May, 2013

Aaron McKenna: Money, Money, Must Be Funny In A Eurocrat's World

Bailed-out Ireland is to contribute an additional €90 million to the European Union to help plug a shortfall in its 2013 budget. Ludicrous? Yes – but it’s hardly a blip on the radar of incongruity that is the EU’s funny money parade, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 11 May, 2013

Aaron McKenna: To combat youth unemployment, Ireland's skills gap needs to be tackled

Despite soaring youth unemployment rates, there are two million job vacancies across Europe due to a lack of skilled individuals in specific sectors. It’s time to think strategically about how to fill the gaps, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 4 May, 2013

Aaron McKenna: There's no room for quangos in today's cash-strapped Ireland

We ought to cull almost all state bodies and quangos and send them back to being offices within their respective departments – in order to free up government money to alleviate stresses on our frontline services, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 27 April, 2013

Aaron McKenna: We need to pay for our pensions to remove the burden on future taxpayers

The only way to ensure the long-term prosperity of our retirees without burdening our children with unfair taxes is to create a state-backed – rather than entirely state funded – pension system that is means tested, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 20 April, 2013

Aaron McKenna: We must sacrifice industrial peace to save the nation

We have been treating nurses and gardai as equal in importance to receptionists and quango directors, they are not equal in importance, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 13 April, 2013

Aaron McKenna: It’s time for voluntary income taxes to fund frivolities like RTÉ

A voluntary income tax system is not one where citizens choose whether to pay any tax at all, but instead gives the option of paying additional contributions services that go beyond the basic function of government, writes Aaron McKenna.

Saturday 6 April, 2013

Aaron McKenna: While the Eurozone is floundering, the US is seeing growth - but why?

The EU needs to either get on with integration, proper banking and political union or separate into amicable trading partners and neighbours, writes Aaron McKenna.