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Take 4: Homes for every budget around Ireland

Here is our pick of properties from €250,000… up to €1 million.

GETTING INTO THE property market can be a daunting experience. Here we try and make it a bit easier – and bring you four of the best properties on the market around the country this week.

Under €250,000

Walkinstown, Dublin – €225,000 

This area of south Dublin is in the ascendancy. The south Dublin suburb still offers house hunters affordability while only being a short distance from the city centre. The residential suburb has the benefit of a number of green areas within it.

This three-bedroom home would suit a family looking to get onto the property ladder. It comes onto the market for €225,000 – meaning potential buyers are able to borrow up to 80% of the house’s value on the majority (€220,000) of its total value.

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Under €500,000

Fahan, Co Donegal – €265,000

Donegal is a go-to area if you are looking to convert your money into the greatest square footage possible. This property has over 2,800 sq. ft. of floor space and has five bedrooms.

While not exactly urban, this development is not isolated either. Fahan is a short drive from the cities of Derry and Letterkenny. The property overlooks Lough Swilly and is close to a number of beaches and golf courses.

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Under €750,000

Kilcock, Co Kildare – €610,000 

This expansive property in Kildare is set amid 1.6 acres of its own mature, private gardens. While it is based in peaceful rural surroundings, the M50 is also nearby, making it appropriate for those who commute to Dublin for work. 

The inside of the home is said to be “impeccably presented throughout” and extends to more than 3,500 sq. ft. Unique features included in its kitchen are an oil-fired AGA stove and Belfast sink.

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Under €1 million

Terenure, Dublin – €950,000

One of the country’s most desirable residential locations, Terenure is home to a number of sports clubs and sought after secondary and primary schools. This Victorian terrace property has maintained its original facade outside while being refurbished to a high standard on its interior.

The design of the house is said to be a mix of modern and Art Deco styles. It also comes with its own bespoke kitchen and gas central heating.

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