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Justice Minister in favour of higher rate of tax for convicted drug dealers
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Gardaí believe woman is using a national supermarket chain she works at to launder heroin cash
Donald Trump has suggested the 'ultimate penalty' for drug dealers
Gardaí arrest 24 street dealers after sting operation in Tallaght
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Philippines president backtracks on claim he threw someone out of a helicopter
Police in Philippines tell drug users to kill dealers and burn their homes
Philippines president says threat to pull country out of UN was just a 'joke'
Police in Philippines kill over 700 people in crackdown on drugs
"Shoot him and I'll give you a medal" - Philippine president encourages citizens to shoot drug dealers
Drug dealers are even targeting users' mothers to tighten their grip of fear
'Bible-toting' police officers dressed up as priests to bust drug dealer
Police offer to 'eliminate competition' for drug dealers
60 heroin dealers arrested in Dublin, Cork and Wexford
Opinion: Marijuana is legal in nearly half of US States – Ireland should follow suit
Policing 'does not have a link' with reducing the amount of drugs on our streets
Six arrested in operation targeting Galway drug dealers
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