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'It’s child abuse': FGM lawyer who helped prosecute over 100 people in France welcomes first-ever Irish prosecution
'It was most unlikely the girl’s injuries happened the way her parents alleged': How gardaí handled Ireland's first FGM trial
Ireland's first FGM conviction: Father sentenced to 5.5 years, mother sentenced to 4 years and 9 months
Parents convicted of allowing FGM to be carried out on daughter to be sentenced today
Parents convicted of 'extremely serious offence' of FGM to be sentenced next month
'There was no anaesthetic, nothing': Call for urgent action to protect girls in Ireland from FGM
Race, religion and prejudice: The issues raised at Ireland’s first FGM trial
Parents found guilty in Ireland's first female genital mutilation trial
Jury in FGM trial told they have to make an 'immensely important decision'
FGM expert tells court it is 'not possible' that toy caused girl's injuries
Woman accused of FGM says she is a victim herself and would not do the same to her daughter
Blood found on carpet in home of couple accused of female genital mutilation of daughter, court hears
Couple accused of female genital mutilation claim daughter sustained injuries when she fell on toy
'It's a serious form of child abuse': Thousands of girls in Ireland at risk of female genital mutilation