A burning car during a demonstration in Marrakech in one of a string of nationwide protests that brought thousands to the streets across Morocco on Sunday Feb. 20, 2011. Tarik Najmaoui/AP/Press Association Images

Five found dead in Morocco following anti-government protests

The bodies of five people have been found in a burned-out bank in a northern Moroccan town.

FIVE PEOPLE HAVE been found dead following anti-government protests in Morocco on Sunday, the interior minister has confirmed.

The minister added that 128 people, including 115 members of the security forces, were wounded in violence over the weekend, reports APF.

The burned bodies were discovered in a bank that had been set on fire during the demonstrations in the northern town of Al Hoceima, reports the BBC. There has been no independent confirmation of the deaths and no details have been released concerning how the people might have died.

Thousands of people marched in cities across Morocco on Sunday, calling for a new constitution and greater democracy.

While Morocco has a successful economy, elected parliament and a reformist monarchy – making it less likely to become embroiled in a revolution of a similar scale to those in Tunisia or Egypt – unemployment and poverty are major issues for the country’s large young population.