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Garda patrols increased in west Dublin as innocent family members caught up in gang feud

There have been a significant number of attempts to kill gang members based in north and west Dublin in recent weeks.

GARDAÍ IN NORTH Dublin have increased the number of armed units across large areas of north and west Dublin following a number of shooting incidents in the area linked to an ongoing gang feud. 

Early this week, two homes belonging to the mothers of alleged gang members were shot at in Finglas and Blanchardstown. 

Since these incidents, one man has fled the area and is staying with associates in the capital. 

There have been a significant number of attempts to kill gang members based in north and west Dublin in recent weeks. 

On Tuesday night, a gun attack was carried out at a house in an estate in Corduff, west Dublin. There were no injuries, however the incident happened less than two hours after a similar attack on a house belonging to a relative of a so-called Mr Flashy – a young Finglas-based drug dealer. 

All this violence is connected with a drugs feud which now involves three separate gangs. 

Family members of the gangs’ main players have all been informed that their safety cannot be guaranteed and they may end up being targeted instead of the main players.

The tit-for-tat incidents have been ramping up in recent weeks.  As a result, armed patrols of areas frequented by the gangs have been increased and units across the Garda K district, which covers Blanchardstown and Finglas, have been told to immediately pass on any intelligence they receive – no matter how insignificant it may seem – to the drugs unit. 

Various operations have been conducted by gardaí as a result of the upsurge in crime. Local sources have described how many inside the gangs want the violence to end as it is having a detrimental effect on the amount of money being brought in from drug sales.

Previous attacks

In recent weeks, the homes and property of innocent brothers, sisters, uncles and cousins of the gangland figures have been targeted by vandals. 

In one instance, a woman was set upon while walking with her infant child who was in a pram at the time. The pram was pushed into a street and the woman received minor injuries from the assault. The child was physically unharmed.

Last week, a man entered Finglas Garda Station to drop off clothes for someone who had been arrested. As he left, he was set upon by a group of men, one of whom sliced the victim’s neck. 

Last month, Lee Boylan was shot a number of times as he sat in a van in Mulhuddart, west Dublin. Boylan, who is in his mid 20s, was shot a number of times as he sat in a van in traffic at the junction of Blakestown road and Huntstown Way. He suffered life-changing injuries. 

The man managed to make his way back to the garda station and an ambulance was called. He lost a lot of blood in the incident. Gardaí are treating the incident as a case of attempted murder.

Gardaí believe a number of shooting incidents as well as serious assaults are linked to this feud.

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