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A Garda whistleblower is backing MEP's legal battle with Phil Hogan

Garda whistleblower John Wilson has said he will fund raise for Nessa Childer’s legal costs in the case that Phil Hogan proceeds with threatened action.

GARDA WHISTLEBLOWER JOHN Wilson has said he will support MEP Nessa Childers if threatened legal action from Phil Hogan goes ahead.

Last month Childers received letters threatening legal action from Ireland’s new designate European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development over a letter Childers sent to 191 MEPs from the Socialists and Democrats grouping.

Speaking to John Wilson said, “If Phil Hogan commences proceedings against her I will do whatever I can in relation to raising funds for legal costs.”

I’ve never met her but she is a decent lady and I believe her to be of the highest integrity… you have to be extremely wealthy when you embark on legal proceedings here. You can only get justice if you have lots of money in the bank.

Earlier in the week both the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the President of the Parliament Martin Schulz intervened in a row between the two Irish European representatives.

According to RTE officials from Schulz’s cabinet wrote to Childers offering to facilitate a meeting between the two. Hogan has also allegedly written to Childers seeking a meeting about the dispute. At current the threat of legal action remains.

Yesterday saw former Minister for the Environment Hogan put in a solid performance in front of the EU Parliament’s agricultural committee.  The majority of the panel voted in favour of the Kilkenny TD’s confirmation in his position.

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