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Organised Crime

Garda investigation launched into senior officer suspected of obstructing money laundering probe

The long service garda, whose role is to supervise and manage gardaí, is based in the east of the country.

A GARDA INVESTIGATION is underway into a senior officer stationed in the east of the country, amid allegations that a separate probe into a money laundering was obstructed. 

The senior garda, whose role is to supervise and manage gardaí, is based in the east of the country. It is alleged a relative of the officer was being monitored as part of the original money laundering investigation.

Sources have told The Journal that the probe was centred around a €1 million laundering scheme at a bookies – where it is believed the garda’s relative was employed. 

It is understood that gardaí were examining the activities of an organised crime group as part of this investigation, and that they were at an advanced stage.

Part of that probe looked at how the criminals, who are involved in the drugs trade and are known to be violent, were processing their earnings. 

Their focus turned to the bookmaker’s shop, and the relative was identified in turn as someone who was allegedly processing false bets to enable the covering up of payments to criminals. 

Sources said that the gardaí involved in the money laundering investigation became frustrated after their efforts to progress the investigation and the accompanying file were consistently blocked.

They examined the case further and discovered connections between the senior officer and the relative involved in the case. 

It is understood that gardaí involved in the probe have made complaints about the officer and have made detailed statements of their suspicions.

They have, in their statements, presented a number of instances where they alleged the officer blocked their investigations. 

While the main probe into the garda still centres on the money laundering investigation, there are also allegations around a number of road traffic incidents involving the garda’s relative in which prosecutions were stymied. 

The complaints by gardaí are now being investigated internally by a senior officer who is based in the south of the country.

However, sources have confirmed that the matter is not being investigated by the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission.

It is understood the senior garda under investigation is not suspended and is not on leave, and that he continues to work in the station where he is based. 

Sources have said that phones have been seized as part of the investigation. 

A garda spokesman said: “An Garda Síochána does not comment on ongoing internal investigations it may be engaged in.”