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'Is anyone else terrified?': Doctors concerned as GPs are targets of ransomware attacks monthly
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HSE begins notifying 113,000 people whose information was accessed during 2021 cyber-attack
Garda operation targets gang behind HSE cyber attack
Defence Forces deployed 'ethical hackers' to fight back against massive HSE cyber attack
The CIS Corps deployed experts trained to think like cyber criminals to tackle the threat, Niall O'Connor reports.
Captain Steve Keane is a lead officer in the CIS Corps and spoke about the unit's work on the HSE cyber attack.
Soldiers hunted for the hacker online and also deployed a decryption tool.
Data stolen in HSE cyber attack downloaded 23 times before being removed, High Court told
UK's cybersecurity chief praises Irish government for not paying HSE hack ransom
HSE hack: Sensitive data from 520 patients leaked online
HSE on alert after previous threat from cyber criminals to publish hacked data today
Gardaí urging people to contact them if they believe their data was shared online in HSE hack
Explainer: What is a decryption tool and why would hackers hand it over without receiving a ransom?
Initial results 'positive' in testing decryption tool to unlock data, Health Minister says
HSE ransomware attack began on a single computer when an employee clicked on a link
HSE gets access to crucial decryption tool and secures High Court injunction to prevent the sharing of leaked data
The National Cyber Security Centre are examining the tool to ensure it is genuine
The Government says that they will not pay a ransom to the attackers
HSE CEO Paul Reid agreed with the High Court judge who called the attack "‘heinous" and "cowardly"
'In an ideal world we'd all get new PPS numbers': Concerns personal data will be sold off on darkweb
Experts believe data like PPS numbers will likely be sold on, Garreth MacNamee and Niall O'Connor report.
The government has repeatedly said it will not pay any ransom demanded by the hackers.
Gardaí believe an Eastern European criminal gang is behind the attack.