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#Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Sunday 4 August, 2013

Moderate cleric and former nuclear negotiator Rowhani sworn in as President of Iran

The 64-year-old could name his cabinet as early as today, with Iranian media reporting it’s likely to be made up of Western educated technocrats.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Saturday 3 August, 2013

Rowhani takes power in Iran with pledge to lift economy

The moderate cleric is facing serious challenges as he begins his four year term. His public inauguration will take place tomorrow.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Sunday 16 June, 2013

Iran's new president says his win is 'a victory over extremism'

World powers have pressed hope that Hassan Rowhani will end decades of unease with an emerging nuclear power.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Friday 14 June, 2013

5 things to know about Iran's presidential election happening today

Tens of millions of voters are turning out across the country to choose a successor to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Ayatollah wants 'a new political epic' as Iranian voters elect new president

Voting has gotten under way as Iranians decide who they want to succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Monday 6 May, 2013

Journalist reports existence of Iran 'vote-rigging' tape, gets arrested

A news website editor has been arrested after reporting on tapes where Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ‘discusses vote-rigging’.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Tuesday 26 February, 2013

World powers begin talks with Iran over nuclear programme

Iran has said that it’s their right to enrich uranium, but experts fear that it could be turned into a nuclear warhead in a matter of months.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Tuesday 4 December, 2012

Iran 'captures' US drone over Gulf waters

The unmanned drone is reported to have been captured after it entered Iranian airspace, the Revolutionary Guards have said. t

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Tuesday 25 September, 2012

Supporting homosexuality is ‘for capitalists’, says Iranian president

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied that his criticism of homosexuality amounted to a denial of individual freedoms.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Monday 30 July, 2012

Iran to execute four people convicted over major bank fraud

Scandal centred on bank loans through allegedly forged or illegally-obtained letters of credit to buy several state companies.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Tuesday 27 March, 2012

From The Daily Edge WATCH: Santorum's 'horror movie' vision of the USA under Obama Obamaville This post contains videos

WATCH: Santorum's 'horror movie' vision of the USA under Obama

File this one under ‘not pulling your punches’…

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Wednesday 14 March, 2012

Iran's president accused of defying supreme leader

Some lawmakers are calling for the impeachment of Iran’s flamboyant president – claiming that he openly defied the wished of the country’s Ayatollah.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Saturday 18 February, 2012

Diplomats reveal: Iran 'poised for major nuclear expansion'

Anonymous diplomats have told the Associated Press that Iran has readied an underground site for thousands of centrifuges.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Friday 27 January, 2012

Iran to renew talks over nuclear programme

Iran and UN nuclear inspectors are due to start discussions regarding the country’s controversial nuclear programme this weekend.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Thursday 12 January, 2012

Iranian president: 'The capitalist system is in decay'

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is on a friendly trip around Latin America visiting leftist leaders who share his animosity towards the US.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Monday 9 January, 2012

Tensions mount between Venezuela and United States

Hugo Chavez has welcomed Iran’s president onto Venezuelan soil and called for his country to leave a World Bank-affiliated body. Meanwhile, Washington has expelled Venezuela’s consul general in Miami.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Friday 6 January, 2012

Iran reportedly preparing to launch new 'domestic' internet

New clampdowns on online expression are thought to be preparing citizens for a sanitised national intranet, launched within weeks.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Wednesday 30 November, 2011

UK withdraws diplomatic staff attack on Tehran embassy Iran This post contains images

UK withdraws diplomatic staff attack on Tehran embassy

British diplomatic staff in Iran have been withdrawn following an attack on its embassy in Tehran yesterday – during which protesters shouting “Death to England” smashed windows, burned British flags and set a car alight.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Thursday 22 September, 2011

US, Ireland walk out as Iran delivers UN speech

US delegates leave chambers after President Ahmadinejad refers to 9/11 attacks as a “mystery”.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Saturday 3 September, 2011

UN reveals 'credible evidence' of Iranian nuclear weapons programme

The UN’s nuclear agency says it is “increasingly concerned” that Iran is secretly building an offensive nuclear programme.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Wednesday 10 August, 2011

Take 5: Wednesday

5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock…

UN Security Council attacked for inaction on England riots... by Iran

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wonders why the Security Council is “silent” as British citizens lash out against their government.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Wednesday 8 June, 2011

Iran to triple nuclear output

Iran plans to triple its output of the higher enriched uranium in 2011 and move the entire program to the new, secretly-built facility.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Monday 30 May, 2011

Iran preparing to disconnect from global Internet in exchange for national version: report

The Iranian government is reportedly preparing to roll out a national version of the web.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Tuesday 24 May, 2011

Iranian oil refinery hit by explosion during Ahmadinejad visit

Two people are killed, and 20 injured, by a suspected gas leak during a visit by the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Saturday 23 April, 2011

The Daily Fix: Saturday

More deaths in Syria; a man appears in court in Ronan Kerr murder probe; an NFL star is stabbed; possible trouble ahead in Iran; and what do David Beckham and the Crown Prince of Bahrain have in common? The Daily Fix reveals all…

Iran's Ayatollah warns Ahmadinejad he will intervene 'when necessary'

Tensions between the President and Ayatollah hit a turbulent patch, after the latter restores a sacked minister to cabinet.

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Wednesday 27 October, 2010

From The42 Political football: Iranian and Bolivian leaders line out for footie game Left-wingers This post contains videos

Political football: Iranian and Bolivian leaders line out for footie game

What happened when Iran and Bolivia’s leaders pulled on football boots?

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Sunday 22 August, 2010

IRAN HAS UNVEILED the country’s first domestically-made long-range unmanned bomber aircraft.

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, described the drone as an “ambassador of death” to Iran’s enemies but adds that the craft “has a main message of peace and friendship”.

Ahmadinejad has said that the main purpose of the drone is “to keep the enemy paralysed in its bases”.

A drone aircraft is one that aircraft that flies without a human crew on board, and is controlled by a ground crew. Concerns about the precision of strikes carried out by drones have led to many condemning the military technology.

The unveiling of the aircraft, nicknamed the “Karrar” which means “striker” in Farsi, comes just one day after the country began loading nuclear fuel into its first ever reactor, which as sent jitters throughout the international community.

Iranian semi-state run news agency Fars has quoted Hamed Saeedi, who is the Managing Director of Farnas Aerospace Company in charge of the project, who commented:

We plan to manufacture UAVs, including unmanned choppers and drones, at this site…

And added

Drones will be of the tactical type, with a short range of 400 to 500 meters flying altitude which cannot be detected by radio waves as they will be stealth aircraft.

Fars also writes: “Iranian officials have always stressed that the country’s military and arms programs serve defensive purposes and should not be perceived as a threat to any other country”.

See this report from Iranian state news channel Press TV:

# mahmoud-ahmadinejad - Wednesday 4 August, 2010

IRANIAN OFFICIALS have denied that the county’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was attacked by a grenade while on a visit to the western city of Hasmadan.

Newswires had reported the attack earlier this morning, but a spokesperson for Ahmadinejad said the explosion was from a “firecracker.”

“It was a firecracker, and a statement will be released soon,” the source told AFP.

Reports on a conservative website claimed that a hand grenade had exploded next to a vehicle carrying reporters accompanying the president in the western city of Hamedan.

President Ahmadinejad later delivered a live televised speech to locals gathered in a stadium, but he made no reference to the incident.

Returers have said Ahmadinejad – a populist hardliner – has accumulated enemies in conservative and reformist circles in the Islamic Republic as well as abroad.

During a speech in Tehran on Monday, Ahmadinejad said he believed he was the target of an assassination plot by Israel. “The stupid Zionists have hired mercenaries to assassinate me,” he said.

The oil market reacted calmly to the alleged attach with an analyst saying, “people are just waiting to see what this is about”.

Meanwhile the White House has rebuffed an offer by Ahmadinejad for a face-to-face debate on foreign policy with US President Obama.