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Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

LIVEFROG: Today's weather, blow by blow

Today, launches its new daily service to the nation that answers the one question we all have: What’s it like out?

WE HERE in are dedicated to understanding what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Data from the Ballivor Analytics Net Topic Engagement Ratings (BANTER) – which measures online news consumer habits – has revealed that the topic which most fires up our readers is the state of the weather.

So today we launched our daily morning weather liveblog, ensuring you know whether to bring an umbrella with you when you leave home in the morning, or to slap on the suncream when you head for a sandwich.

Thanks to all our readers for staying tuned to updates from our sophisticated rainvane, the Drying Index™, and our interactive mascot, Clive the LiveFrog™.


If you have any pics or videos of the weather in your area, send them to or tweet them at @thejournal_ie using the hashtag #weatherblog.

It’s Michelle Hennessy here, taking the reins of our #weatherblog this morning. It’s lovely and sunny here in Dublin – here’s a little snap from the top of HQ:

How’s the weather where you are this morning?

So let’s kick off with a quick overview of the weather ahead today. According to Met Éireann, we’ll have a bit of a dull start in many areas with mist and fog patches. If you’re driving, keep those lights on.

That rain we had overnight will clear and, wait for it, there’ll be SOME sunny spells. The afternoon will and evening will turn a little showery so bring the brolley just in case.

The rainfall radar is looking pretty clear this morning…

We don’t want to worry you but Met Éireann says there’s a risk of thunder later this afternoon.

At least it won’t be too cold though – highest temperatures will soar to between 13 and 16 degrees.

Great reaction to the #weatherblog so far. Keep sending us updates and pics from your area.

BREAKING from our Nicky Ryan this morning – there was a slight breeze swirling around Leinster House…

Now that we’ve got the weather overview out of the way, let me introduce you to one of our fancy #weatherblog features.

Irish people understand more than anyone the importance of good drying. If you’ve put a load of washing out on the line, you know you’ll spend half the day worrying about it.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a site that will tell you at any time of the day whether it’s safe to put out your wet clothes. Go to GoodDrying to see what it’s like where you are. And tell your mammy about it – she’ll love this.

We got a thumbs up from GoodDrying earlier this morning:

So we put out a bit of our own washing:

We’ll be keeping an eye on this soggy t-shirt throughout the day to let you know how good the drying actually is here in Dublin. If you want to do the same, take a photo of your clothes line and send it to or tweet it at @thejournal_ie.

Now a word from Irish Mammy, just in case you’re seeing those sunny spells forecast for today and are thinking of leaving some of your layers behind:

Experts have told us that the best way to dress for this kind of mild weather is in light layers – but maybe not as many as this lad:

(Image: Guinness World Records/YouTube)

Eoin is on board with GoodDrying. How about the rest of you? How dry are your delicates right now?

We’re feeling nostalgic this morning and so for our #weatherblog Burning Question we’re asking: Will we have a summer like that of 1959?

Controversial, we know. Answers in the comments section please.

This is Dublin model Sheila McDonough claiming to fry eggs on the roof of her car at Seapoint in June 1959. Your legs, Sheila! Mind your legs!

(Image: PA)

Quick update from Met Éireann – there are currently no national weather warnings in place:

Our lovely editor Susan Daly has arrived in the office. She’s prepared for all weather conditions today:

Another update from Nicky Ryan at Leinster House: “The breeze is going the other way now.”

Here at HQ it’ still sunny outside:

We just went out to check on the t-shirt there. Still wet:

GoodDrying is still telling us we’re good to go though:

As part of the #flegwatch section of our #weatherblog, we’ll be looking the floppiness level of flags across the country to gauge how breezy it is. Let’s start with these two in Dublin:

Just a little bit of a flutter…

We haven’t forgotten the Cork lads Andrew, don’t you worry:

If you feel like your area is being neglected in our #weatherblog, why not send us a photo of the weather where you are to Or tweet it to @thejournal_ie.

Thanks to Michelle Hennessy for those important Drying Index™ updates.

It’s editor Susan Daly here taking over our spanking new weather liveblog.

Or should I say, LIVEFROG.

Here’s what Clive the LiveFrog™ feels about the situation in Cork. Mishty, bai. He likes that.

Meanwhile, not to rub it in but…

And the vote is in from the D6w jury:

This just in from our political editor Hugh O’Connell at Leinster House:

This morning’s Cabinet meeting is likely to feature some discussion on the weather. One senior source noted a divide between the coalition parties on weather (ahem) the current conditions constitute good drying or not. The government may issue a statement later to clarify matters.

“Thankfully, we’re all agreed that there is now a grand stretch in the evenings,” one minister, who declined to be named due to the sensitive nature of the discussions, told

This really is getting political. From reader (and Clive the LiveFrog’s nemesis), Harry the Cat:

The latest on #flegwatch for you, Harry, from across the road from the Department of the Taoiseach:

Limp, lads. She’s fierce limp.

The Irish Mammy Seven-Word Weather barometer isn’t convinced though.

It was dear you know. €11!

WARNING: The following image contains flagrant and graphic flouting of superstition and may cause distress to some readers.

This was our News Editor, Sineád O’Carroll, just moments ago.

From our Old Wives’ Tales Correspondent, Michelle Hennessy: “I can’t even look at you. You are dead to me.”

Today’s Bonus Burning Question: When is it alright to open an umbrella indoors?

Poll Results:

C - Are you out of your mind? (142)
A - Never (103)
B - When the sky falls (41)

More love for Clive the LiveFrog™.

Should we get him an agent? Will he start demanding we bring him soy chai low-fat lattes?

This is Clive the LiveFrog’s favourite:

Hot on the radar front is our reporter Nicky Ryan. He’s predicting widespread showers across the afternoon. Hence the poncho.

Remember I Know What You Did Last Summer? Hmm. Hands/hook where we can see them, Nicky.

And now for a weather-related musical interlude:


This just in.

Confusing scenes at the Sally Gap in Wicklow this morning:

Not everyone can report on the weather you know.

Jean Byrne and Evelyn Cusack can:

Jeremy Paxman can:

Finally, Kevin Sammon, FINALLY.

This can’t be right.

Is this some sort of April Fool’s, Met Éireann?

Michael Dowling from Lucan confirms that it is sunny in Lucan:

And reporter Michelle Hennessy has been out at the Drying Index™:

The t-shirt update is that it’s still fairly damp at the bottom but with a few healthy dry patches at the top where the sun is hitting it. We might need to give it a turn in a while.

Thank YOU Michelle.

But could it be too nice?

The Irish Mammy Seven-Word Weather #3

“It’s not so much the heat, it’s the humidity.”

Latest from #flegwatch.


Now from our international weather bureaux.

Lashing in Edinburgh, snow showers in Yekaterinburg, grey in Geneva.

Them’s the breaks, folks.

Oh noes! Watch out Wexford!

Tiny patches of rain spotted on the horizon.

Sunny SouthEast, my eyeball.

Clive the LiveFrog™ likes rain, but he is sad for the people of Wexford.

Hold on, people of Wexford.’s latest order of mojo equipment has landed and intrepid reporter Michelle Hennessy is on her way.

You GUYS!!!!

So can we have a vote in the comments then? Should‘s daily #weatherblog stay?

According to our international weather bureaux hotline, there is a place called Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

And it’s “Clear. Frigid” there right now. Oh.


Let’s not get carried away with ourselves though.

Watch the shnakey rainfront creeping in there off the southwest coast…

Which reminds us…

Animal rights groups in Ireland say all dog owners should have some kind of rain cover for their pooches if they’re going to bring them for walks in our downpours. Does your four-legged friend have their own cosy coat?

This might be an appropriate time for this week’s TV snap: Preview of entrepreneurial brainwave to hit Dragons’ Den next Sunday night…


Pic: Photocall Ireland

We know prides itself on breaking new ground, disrupting the interwebz.

But we can’t claim credit for the first weather forecast – that was made on 1 August, 1861.

The verdict then? Fresh westerly breeze; fine.

Before we leave you, a final update on the wet t-shirt.

One small wet patch.

Into the airing cupboard with you.

We hope we got you through the morning safely and you have a fair notion whether to take the umbrella out with you at lunchtime.

As we expected, the great people of Ireland have it in hand now:

You heard the man.

So it’s a goodbye from her:

The Irish Mammy Seven-Word Weather

Because you never know when good drying might turn on you

And a goodbye from him.

We hope we’ve made you hoppy.

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