There's a way to set up auto-replies on your phone and avoid annoying calls

Or for any time you just don’t want to answer your phone.

SOMETIMES YOU WILL get a phone call that you can’t answer for one reason or another. Usually you will either cancel it or let it ring out, depending on what it is you’re doing, but there is another option.

Most smartphones now come with a quick response option, usually pre-prepared text messages that you can fire out if needed.

It’s easy to forget about but even if you just stick with the standard responses, it can come in handy for those who might try to ring you repeatedly.


To start, go into Settings > Phone > Respond with Text. Here you will have three slots for adding in your own responses.

The default messages are Sorry, I can’t talk right now, ‘I’m on my way’ and ‘Can I call you later?’, but you can type in custom messages.

iOS call texts

The next time you get a call, tapping the message icon just above the slider will present you with automatic messages. If they don’t work, you still have the option of writing your own text.

Call message


On Android, this will depend on the type of smartphone you have but in general, it’s a matter of going into phone and settings (tap the menu icon at the top right-hand corner).

One of the options here should be Quick Responses where you have four slots to use.

android calls

The same system works here as well. Depending on the type of device you have, you will have a message button on display or you will need to hold down on the phone icon (like below) and swipe up.

Similar to iOS, you can write your own text as well as choosing one of the pre-prepared messages.

Android phone

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