# Police Brutality

Last year
Federal charges brought against five police in US over fatal beating of Tyre Nichols
Six former Mississippi officers plead guilty to torturing two black men in racist assault
Anger and protest in Memphis after police beating video released
All time
Former police officer convicted of George Floyd's murder files appeal
Explainer: What is happening in Nigeria?
Handcuffs attaching paralysed police shooting victim Jacob Blake to his hospital bed removed
Atlanta police officer sacked after fatal shooting of black man
Fine Gael MEPs call for investigation into whether EU arms exports have been used against US civilians
Trump says police chokeholds sound 'so innocent and perfect' but should 'generally be ended’
George Floyd's brother challenges US Congress to ‘stop the pain’
'You have to arrest people': Trump says state governors are ‘weak’ in face of protests
Dozens gather in Dublin for peaceful protests against US police brutality
Protesting brutality against black people is 'right and necessary', but 'needless destruction' is not, says Joe Biden
'I've had to face the harsh reality that exists in America: black people are not safe'
Sinn Féin TD criticises police crackdown at Native American protest
Former US police officer gets 263-year jail sentence for raping and sexually assaulting black women
WATCH: US cop places gun in black man's mouth 'to show off to his friends'
WATCH: US police use stun gun on black man outside hospital, an hour before his death
What happened to Ferguson in the year since Michael Brown was killed?
An unarmed white teen was shot dead by US police. Why is there no outrage?
WATCH: US cop charged with murder after 'senselessly' shooting black man in the head
Blackface routine planned at fundraiser for cops accused of killing black man
WATCH: Police officer arrests naked woman after 'illegally' entering her house
WATCH: Unarmed man shot dead by police after taking his hat off
WATCH: Investigation underway after 12 cops are caught beating and kicking black man
Video of Chicago cop opening fire on a car full of unarmed black teens is "disturbing on a whole new level"
WATCH: Texas cop throws black girl in a bikini to the ground, threatens teens with gun
Baltimore police are afraid to arrest people, and murders are at a record high
Hundreds are attending a vigil for a cow shot dead by police
The United Nations is shining a spotlight on this guy's human rights record
WATCH: Police officer charged with kicking black man in the face
'This is out of control, we're being murdered for no reason'
Irish playwright embroiled in controversy over play about death of black teen
Baltimore protests: 'It can't be business as usual with that man's spine broken, with no justice'
Outrage and protests after death of black man arrested by Baltimore police
US police officer charged with murdering black man after video of shooting emerges
Police officer pleads not guilty to slamming a grandfather into the ground, paralysing him
Grand jury to consider latest police killing of an unarmed man in New York
Amnesty has sent its people to Ferguson to monitor police at protests
Ferguson: Cop who killed unarmed black teen 'would not do anything different'