Police searched the homes of about 20 alleged members. Alamy Stock Photo
Far Right Arrests

Police raid homes of 20 alleged supporters of far-right Reich Citizens

About 280 officers raided properties in eight german states.

POLICE IN GERMANY have searched the homes of about 20 people in connection with investigations into the far-right Reich Citizens scene.

Adherents of the group reject the legitimacy of Germany’s post-war constitution and have similarities to followers of the QAnon movement in the United States.

German news agency DPA said about 280 officers raided properties in eight German states: Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg, Hamburg and Lower Saxony.

Last month, police also searched homes of other Reich Citizens, or Reichsbuerger members who were allegedly connected to United Patriots, which Germany considers to be a terrorist group.

Five suspects were arrested at the time.

police-officers-search-a-car-during-a-raid-in-garbsen-germany-thursday-nov-23-2023-around-280-police-officers-have-searched-several-properties-in-eight-german-states-in-connection-with-investiga Police searching the car of one of the alleged members this morning. Alamy Stock Photo Alamy Stock Photo

Last December, more than two dozen people were arrested in connection with plans to topple the government.

Among the accused plotters was a member of the far-right Alternative for Germany party.

Germany’s domestic intelligence estimates that around 23,000 people across Germany belong to the Reich Citizens scene.

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