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Israeli diplomat in Dublin deletes claim that Ireland funded Hamas tunnels in Gaza

The Israeli Embassy posted a statement today on the matter.

THE ISRAELI EMBASSY has said that a post on X by its deputy chief of mission suggesting Ireland funded Hamas’ tunnels under Gaza “does not represent” its “official position”.

The comments by senior diplomat Adi Ophir Maoz, which have now been deleted, said: “#Ireland Wondering who funded those tunnels of terror?”

“A short investigation direction – 1. Find a mirror 2. Direct it to yourself 3. Voilà.”

The Israeli Embassy posted a statement today which it said was a “clarification following a tweet that was posted by a member of the embassy staff”.

“The tweet was in reference to the ample evidence that Hamas, which controls Gaza, abuses international humanitarian aid that is sent to Gaza.

“However, since the text and wording were wrong, it was deleted.”

Earlier today, Enterprise Minister Simon Coveney described comments by Erlich about President Michael D Higgins as “unhelpful”.

During a visit to Rome last week, President Higgins addressed the conflict between Israel and Hamas stating: “To announce in advance that you will break international law and to do so on an innocent population, it reduces all the code that was there from Second World War on protection of civilians and it reduces it to tatters.”

In an interview with the Sunday Independent, Israel’s Ambassador to Ireland Dana Erlich said the president was misinformed in his remarks.

Minister Coveney said: “I’ve been to Gaza on numerous occasions as a foreign minister. I was one of the most vocal foreign ministers in the European Union on the Palestinian issue for many years,” said Coveney.

“I also have a good relationship I hope with Israel. But, you know, I don’t think it’s helpful when an ambassador starts to make pointed comments in relation to our president.”

The minister said he didn’t agree with any suggestion that the Israeli ambassador should be expelled.