QUIZ: Are You A Christmas Saver or Splurger?

Let’s find out.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING and your wallet is probably groaning with the strain of it all.

From presents to parties, there’s lots to do around this time and the cost adds up. But you don’t have to take out a second mortgage to get through Christmas – there are ways you can save money over the season.

So, will you? Let’s find out.

1. How do you unwrap a present?
Start off carefully, but get impatient and tear it open
Painstakingly, to make the excitement last longer

With great care, so I can reuse the paper
Rip it open
2. If you have a Kris Kindle do you stick to the budget?
If I see something perfect for a little over, I'll get it
Yes, them's the rules

Ah, no. Who can find anything good for a tenner?
If I find something appropriate and it's cheaper, I'll happily grab it
3. Do you make Christmas dinner from scratch?
I'll do most things from scratch, but not everything
I'll buy a few fancy sides to go with the main dinner

Of course - from soup to nuts
I make the gravy from scratch - just kidding. Not a thing
4. Do you leave your Christmas lights on when you're not at home?
No way, think of the electricity bill in January
I like to leave them on but not all the time

I leave them on 'til they burn out - and then don't replace them...
Of course - love to come back and see them twinkling
5. Do you do the 12 pubs of Christmas?
Oh, no. Couldn't manage that much
Yep - at least once

I do a Christmas pub crawl, but not the 12 pubs
Yeah, but I have water every second drink
6. How many people do you buy presents for?
Anyone I can think of - LOVE Christmas
Just the essential family and friends

Family, friends, work Kris Kindle if I must
Boss, colleague, parents, significant other, kids as appropriate
7. How many Christmas parties are you going to?
As many as I can possibly fit in
Just the work one

I'll go to whatever I'm invited to
My work one and crashing a friend's work party
8. Do you set a limit on Christmas festivities?
When my card is declined
Yep, strict spending limit

I'd have a goal, yeah
I keep an eye on the bank account, but nothing too fixed
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Christmas Saver
You're careful of your money, but still have a good time. You'll make it through Christmas, no problem.
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You scored out of !
Splashing out for Christmas
You splash out, but in a controlled way.
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You scored out of !
Christmas Spender
Ooh, you're verging on losing the run of yourself...
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You scored out of !
Christmas Splurger
Things might get tight - but you'll have a grand old time.
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