ABSOLUT Fringe 2012
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Nutshell Review: Funk

Every day, brings you reader-generated reviews of the hottest tickets at the ABSOLUT Fringe Festival 2012.

OVER THE PAST two weeks, the ABSOLUT FRINGE 2012 had more than 100 shows playing out across Dublin. Each day, brought you our readers’ reviews of the pick of the crop and everything in between. Today is the last day of performances and our penultimate reviews are in.

Today’s review: Funk

(Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre)

Conor Murphy’s Review: Any fear of pretension is forgotten as James Brown sets the scene. The crowd moves around the room to make space for the rambling dancers as the spotlights mark out their changing stage. This makes it a very conscious start as the awkward Irish crowd try to make sure we don’t get in the way. At this time, the chaos is beautiful but seemingly unstructured. However they play a few clever tricks with synchronisation later in the piece to show the choreography off, these shifts are so subtle that it’s hard to tell if any unsynchronised bits were intended. But it doesn’t matter as it’s all so entertaining.

In three words? Accomplished. Sensual. Fun.

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