Taxi drivers work an average of five hours a day, new study finds

A taxi drivers weekly earnings can range from €98 up to €1,189.

File Photo Three taxi drivers who challenged the deregulation of the taxi market in 2000 have lost their case in the High Court. The drivers argued that the sudden deregulation of the market had reduced the value of taxi plates from almost 100,000 euro to Wanderley Massafelli / Wanderley Massafelli / /

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for a job with a short working day, then taxi driving could be something to consider.

New research by the National Transport Authority has shown that drivers in Ireland work an average of 25 hours a week across five days.

However – before you go drafting your notice – it has also been shown that this is anything but consistent, and the amount of time worked and wages earned in the sector vary greatly.

Different regions

In Dublin, the number of days worked in a week varied from two days up for some drivers, up to a seven-day working week for others – with the average working out at 5.4.

In Athlone and Cork – the other two areas covered by the research – drivers were shown to work an average of 5.3 days a week in both places.

The average metered revenue per week in the capital was found to be €635, but this dipped down to €98 at the low end of the scale, and stretched up to €1,189 at the high end.

Predictably, Dublin was found to have the highest average fare at €14.97, followed by Cork on €12.96 and Athlone on €10.72.

taxi drivers

In terms of weekly earnings Cork came out on top, with drivers in the rebel county bringing in an average of €650, ahead of €635 in Dublin and €383 in Athlone.

What’s the survey for? 

The purpose of this study has been to try and get a better idea of what the average income for a taxi driver is. The methodology involved taxi drivers allowing the information from their meters to be analysed.

In total more than 50,00 journeys from 2015 were examined, accounting for more than €700,000 in revenue from 85 drivers.

The readings were taken across a three-month period for each taxi.

The research has been carried out as a follow on from the 2012 Taxi Regulation Review Report, which recommended the sector be examined to assess how much of a problem low incomes and low taxi usage are.

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