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The Evening Fix... now with added Spielberg Face

Here are the things we learned, loved and shared today.

No, it’s not an Avatar convention. This girl from the Newari community in Nepal is dressed as a deity for the Yomari Puni parade in Katmandu. It is a festival observed annually on a full moon day where Yomari, a confection of rice flour, is prepared and eaten. (AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)


#1982 STATE PAPERS: We know now a lot more about what was happening in political and social circles 30 years ago, thanks to the release of State papers. spent three days sifting through the archives to find that…

#DESSIE ELLIS: Meanwhile, the simultaneous release of 30-year-old documents from the British government’s archives revealed an allegation that current Sinn Féin TD Dessie Ellis was involved in 50 murders carried out by the IRA during the Troubles. This was his response when contacted by today.

#WILD OUT THERE: Be careful if you’re out and about this evening. It’ll be wild and windy, says Met Éireann. It will also be the last full moon of the year.

#CLUNK: That’s the sound of the last bank payout to unsecured bondholders of 2012. Bank of Ireland paid €37.3m today. You’re welcome, senior bondholders.

#USA: The New York subway has seen its second fatality in a month as another man was pushed in front of a train last night.

#PROPERTY: Residential property prices are still falling. Sorry.


  • In honour of the upcoming Steven Spielberg release Lincoln (starring adopted Irishman Daniel Day Lewis), we see this video going viral again today. It’s a year old but it has a point about The Spielberg Face:

via Fandorific/Youtube

  • We have no snow this year (so far) so we have been enjoying Simon Beck’s Snow Art from afar. He makes it with snowshoes, of course.


  • The fake tan binge in Ireland has a lot to answer for. It is the number one most ‘shared’ product by shoplifters at Irish pharmacies.

(Image: AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)