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Tuesday 7 February 2023 Dublin: 10°C
# readers' comments
Top 10 readers' comments this week
Here’s our round-up of the wittiest, most thought-provoking, and original comments you made this week…

EVERY WEEK, WE take a look at the best comments left by you, our lovely readers, on

This week, you’ve been talking a lot about the Budget  - especially the household charge and the hasty retreat on the cuts to disability allowance. But there was other stuff too: the eurozone crisis, TCD banning the Daily Mail from campus shops and Sean Fitzpatrick getting arrested (again) all attracted lots of debate and discussion this week.

So without further ado, here’s our picks for our favourite comments of the week:

With the Central Bank being forced to deny that they were printing punts again, Ronan McDonnell had a question about our new currency:

How many Endas will there be to the Euro?

Joan Byrne responded to one user who was critical of having to pay towards benefits for other people:

Because we live in a society – not simply an economy. Everything is inter-linked so unless u want to live on an Island then we all have a collective responsibility to each other. As a child you would have benefited from supports as would your parents. We were all children at some stage. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s workers and they will be the ones contributing towards your pension, welfare and health benefits down the road. Glad you still have a job – I do too – but Im very conscious of people who dont and who are very desperate and raising families in terribly hard situations. I guess it all comes down to values at the end of the day

Niall Togher looked on the bright side of Ireland coming second-last in a survey to find who worked the longest hours in Europe:

We might not work the longest hours ever, but we are far more productive at work, and that’s what really counts!

Bruce had 10 reasons why he was angry with the Budget:

Enraged.  Ten reasons why:  1. Changes to disability benefit vs. changes to pensions of politicans
2. Attack on elderly by reducing fuel allowance. 3. Impact on cost of private health care. This will back fire and end up costing the state more by the impact on public beds. 4. Increase in vat which will impact paid people more. 5. Changes to employer pension contribution means my pension will reduce drastically. 6. Changes to inheritance tax will a modest inheritance will be up to  40k more. 7. No attempt to take childrens allowance from high income families. 8. Increase cost of college, totally against knowledge economy. 9. Not one measure to boost employment – thousands of small businesses just got the final nail. 10. Preserving the status quo re the public service and quangos. The waffle about savings in HSE – all unsubstantiated just wishful thinking. Time to takes to the streets.

Chris Lynch was unimpressed with the happenings at the summit of EU leaders in Brussels:

I bet they served Lyons Tea at this summit, because its ALL TALK

Raymond Searson suggested that Britain’s isolationist policy in the EU could work for Ireland – because it worked so well last time around:

We have had a strong leader in Éamon de Valera he embarked us upon a protectionist policy, can anyone say it was a success ? a nation of 4 million citizens has very little resources compared to our European neighbors. we have maybe two advantages we are an island and the craic is mighty

Frances Stokes was critical of the government’s approach to cuts:

I think that they could have been fairer with the tax issue. Instead of taking money from the Disabled and from Parents with more than two Children. They could have looked at other areas like The medical card there are a lot of people with the medical card that could afford to pay the 50 euro tax. I think also the could look at taxing the bus pass for under 65s. That would bring in a lot of money to exchequer. Children’s allowance is important to Parents that is the only certain source of income that the mother has. The reality is the country is broke. This year they may not have had the guts to touch certain things but we have four more years of this. SO WHERE WILL THEY GET THE MONEY. I SUPPOSE THE ONLY WAY WILL BE MORE CUTS TO PUBLIC SERVICES AS THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE WORKING.
The Baxter had obviously been paying lots of attention to the Budget: his comment on the world’s tackiest car:
Michael noonan would have extra road tax and vrt on that mobile jewellery case
Réada Quinn had a message for the Labour party beneath Joan Burton’s article about why the social welfare cuts were necessary:
Hi Joan.

I’ve been a Labour voter all my life – btw I was one of the votes that first got you elected, and it’s been a tough road at times, especially when ye team up with FG but I’ve remained so as I believe it’s Ireland’s best chance of having a solid left voice.

Any chance of remembering the Labour ethos? If ye don’t speak up Labour’s going to be obliterated at the next election. And then what? Back to FF? Or worse a FG only government? Feel bit sick at the thought of either!

Btw I have no doubt that this would have been a much worse budget were it not for your presence at the table. But it will be Labour will take the wrath at the next election. For the obvious reason the Irish voter don’t like to challenge the Generals only the Cannon Fodder and that’s exactly what FG are using ye for!

Lastly I noted the Labour slips on Frontline re the threats by Mercozy and the actual use of the word “Mercozy” later on Vincent Brown! Brilliant!

You only have to look at the thumbs here to see either the FG party lackies are out in force or else the Irish people have been kicked senseless. Literally!

Our favourite tweet of the week came from Luke O’Reilly. In response to the news that ‘Merkozy’ would push for a common corporate tax base at the EU summit, Luke tweeted us:
If you spot any comments which you think should be in our Comments of the Week, give us a shout. Mail or tweet us @thejournal_ie.
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