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# campaign - Yesterday’s News


# campaign - Sunday 23 April, 2017

'It's an absolute nightmare': Dart driver on the fear of hitting people on the tracks

A new video shows how dangerous crossing the tracks can be.

# campaign - Monday 17 April, 2017

Latest poll has Le Pen and Macron head-to-head in French presidential race

The two frontrunners are staging rival rallies today in Paris.

# campaign - Saturday 8 April, 2017

He stopped paying his mortgage so he could sing at Trump rallies - and now he's feeling a little disillusioned

Just two months after the election, Kraig Moss, aka the Trump Troubadour, isn’t feeling quite so positive about Donald Trump as he did before.

# campaign - Saturday 11 March, 2017

50,000 French people want Barack Obama to run in their presidential race

Posters have appeared across Paris with his iconic slogan translated into French.

# campaign - Monday 6 March, 2017

Threat of a far-right French presidency is real 'but France will not give in', says Hollande

Alain Juppe ruled himself out as a candidate today.

# campaign - Wednesday 4 January, 2017

'People were forced to live in the same house for years': Two decades of divorce in Ireland

Divorce was legalised 20 years ago after a bitter campaign and a very tight results in a referendum – now there are calls for the law to be modernised.

# campaign - Saturday 17 December, 2016

Dragon's Den businessman sells home, raises €273,000 for homeless charities

The money raised will go to COPE Galway and Focus Ireland to help house families in Galway.

# campaign - Saturday 10 December, 2016

What's your favourite childhood book? New campaign tries to get kids reading for Christmas

Research shows over half of Irish parents would like to read to their children more.

# campaign - Tuesday 29 November, 2016

Dragon’s Den businessman to sell Aran Islands home and donate funds to homeless charities

The €300,000 sale will provide deposits to purchase at least 15 homes for families who are homeless.

# campaign - Saturday 12 November, 2016

Lego stops advertising with the Daily Mail following 'Stop Funding Hate' campaign

The Stop Funding Hate campaign attempts to target advertisers in certain UK newspapers, agitating for them to withdraw their business.

# campaign - Sunday 6 November, 2016

Donald Trump: a timeline of the most bonkers events from a truly bonkers presidential campaign

Love him or loathe him, the Donald has kept the world enthralled for the past 18 months.

# campaign - Sunday 30 October, 2016

Clinton says FBI actions 'deeply troubling' as Trump steps up his attacks

Clinton pressed FBI Director James Comey to put out the “full and complete facts” about the review into a cache of recently discovered emails.

# campaign - Saturday 15 October, 2016

'Let's get coffee, Friend' - The campaign begging emails clogging up America's inboxes

From Broadway tickets to coffee with Ivanka, the Clinton and Trump campaigns are trying every trick to hook donors.

# campaign - Saturday 27 August, 2016

Trump campaign chief denies anti-Semitic remarks about daughters' school

The revelation comes a day after reports emerged that domestic charges were filed against him 20 years ago.

# campaign - Wednesday 17 August, 2016

Trump hires head of a right-wing website in latest campaign reshuffle

Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign chairman, has come under scrutiny for his links to the pro-Russia former president of Ukraine.

# campaign - Monday 15 August, 2016

British-Iranian mum detained in Iran accused of trying to overthrow the regime

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has raised concerns about the mother of one with the Iranian president.

# campaign - Thursday 4 August, 2016

Is it possible for Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race? And what would happen if he did?

Trump has come under fire recently for a number of high-profile incidents.

# campaign - Wednesday 3 August, 2016

Trump tells Virginia mother to get crying baby 'out of here'

Meanwhile, France’s president has said the Republican nominee makes “you want to retch”.

# campaign - Wednesday 27 July, 2016

The ice bucket challenge: It actually made a huge difference

Around €104 million was raised through people dumping water over their heads.

# campaign - Friday 8 July, 2016

Search begins for new officers with "tolerance and humanity" to work in Irish prisons

The first recruits are expected to enter prison service college in early 2017.

# campaign - Wednesday 15 June, 2016

New HIV cases in injecting drug users had a big rise in 2015

A new campaign is being launched this morning which aims to highlight the issue for Irish AIDS Day.

Vast majority of elderly abuse is carried out by a close friend or family member

A new campaign aims to highlight the financial abuse of the elderly.

# campaign - Wednesday 18 May, 2016

From The Daily Edge Fat Frogs were the best ice pops ever produced in Ireland and need to be brought back Live In A Swamp

# campaign - Wednesday 20 April, 2016

America is taking a former President off its $20 bill in favour of a woman born a slave

Harriet Tubman was a leading 19th-century abolitionist.

# campaign - Wednesday 13 April, 2016

Irish Defence Forces to recruit 1,450 new staff

The 2016 campaign will specifically target increased female recruitment.

# campaign - Tuesday 29 March, 2016

Donald Trump’s campaign manager charged with battery of female reporter

The incident happened at a Trump event earlier this month.

# campaign - Sunday 28 February, 2016

From The42 ‘Sadly, getting funding for women in sport isn’t as easy it is for men’ Interview

‘Sadly, getting funding for women in sport isn’t as easy it is for men’

Emily Smith of the Irish Dragon Boat team chats to The42 about their struggle for funding among other issues.

# campaign - Thursday 18 February, 2016

From The Daily Edge This Donegal woman has a unique way of keeping politicians from her door Your Move

# campaign - Monday 15 February, 2016

These homeless ‘shelter pods’ popped up overnight in Dublin

A group of “friends and concerned citizens” constructed the boxes to highlight the homeless crisis ahead of the election.

# campaign - Sunday 7 February, 2016

From The Daily Edge 11 of the most Irish things that have already happened in the election campaign Booby Sands

# campaign - Friday 15 January, 2016

From The42 Ladyball creators come clean after controversial ad campaign goes viral Game Is Up This post contains videos

Ladyball creators come clean after controversial ad campaign goes viral

Lidl and the Ladies Gaelic Football Association teamed up to promote issues in women’s game.

# campaign - Saturday 19 December, 2015

# campaign - Sunday 13 December, 2015

Condoms, tampons and cigarettes: things Irish people are flushing down the toilet

A campaign is trying to raise awareness of the damage flushing the wrong things down the toilet can cause.

# campaign - Monday 2 November, 2015

Die Hard actor and former Senator Fred Thompson dies aged 73 RIP

Die Hard actor and former Senator Fred Thompson dies aged 73

The 6ft 6in former lawyer also starred in Cape Fear and In The Line of Fire.

# campaign - Wednesday 28 October, 2015

Video compares sexual consent to making tea: “If they don’t drink tea…don’t make them drink it”

‘Just because you made it, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to watch them drink it.’

# campaign - Thursday 8 October, 2015

From Business ETC Lidl staff to get a bump in their wages with supermarket to pay €11.50 an hour Living Wage

Lidl staff to get a bump in their wages with supermarket to pay €11.50 an hour

The pay increase will be introduced from 1 November.

# campaign - Friday 2 October, 2015

Clampdown on drivers, cyclists and pedestrians running red lights with over 2,500 caught so far

One red light camera has caught over 150 cars breaking a red light since June.

# campaign - Wednesday 23 September, 2015

Do you view a night of heavy drinking as a way to bond with friends?

A report into Ireland’s binge drinking culture found Irish people don’t recognise the problem in themselves.

# campaign - Tuesday 15 September, 2015

Irish stars are calling for the 8th Amendment to be repealed

More than 240 artists have already joined the campaign.

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