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# europe - Monday 18 April, 2016

New campaign urges Irish people to vote in Brexit referendum

The campaign comes as a new report warns of the economic damage leaving the EU could cause Britain.

# europe - Saturday 16 April, 2016

The Pope has taken in three refugee families

“The pope has desired to make a gesture of welcome regarding refugees,” the Vatican said.

# europe - Thursday 14 April, 2016

# europe - Sunday 3 April, 2016

Young people will decide the Brexit vote as “leave” jumps ahead in polls

There have been considerable fluctuations in the opinion polls ahead of the 23 June referendum.

# europe - Tuesday 29 March, 2016

Can’t resist the deals at the supermarket? Here’s why we should be buying local

The state can no longer justify paying large subsidies to farmers whose produce goes directly overseas while refusing to support small scale local production, writes Fergal Anderson.

# europe - Saturday 26 March, 2016

‘A victory for Isis would be a Europe crippled by fear and suspicion’

A victory for Isis would see Muslim citizens even further reviled, harassed and ghettoised in European cities, writes Donal O’Keeffe.

# europe - Friday 18 March, 2016

Amnesty calls EU migrant deal ‘flawed, illegal and immoral’

Under the deal, all new irregular migrants arriving in Greece will be sent back to Turkey.

# europe - Sunday 13 March, 2016

# europe - Tuesday 8 March, 2016

Plan for Greece to send back illegal migrants under ‘one-for-one’ deal

The suggestion was made by the Turkish prime minister.

# europe - Monday 7 March, 2016

‘Mama Merkel’ rules out closing the ‘Balkan route’ to Syrian refugees

A meeting on in Brussels also saw Turkey trying to strongarm the EU.

# europe - Sunday 6 March, 2016

From The42 Arsene Wenger becomes Europe’s longest-serving manager after Armagh native steps down Resilience

Arsene Wenger becomes Europe’s longest-serving manager after Armagh native steps down

The Arsenal boss has been at the club since September 1996.

# europe - Saturday 27 February, 2016

Ireland shouldn’t have waited to jack up property tax, says Europe

A new report has criticised the government’s decision to delay property tax revaluations.

# europe - Tuesday 23 February, 2016

Mars is recalling a load of chocolate bars and boxes of Celebrations in Ireland

The main recall is happening in Germany and the Netherlands after a piece of plastic was found in a product.

# europe - Saturday 20 February, 2016

From The Daily Edge Everybody noticed this RTÉ reporter getting tongue-tied on the news last night I's To Cross

# europe - Thursday 18 February, 2016

Europe will try to convince Britain to stay in the EU today

The key sticking point is Britain’s demand that EU citizens working in Britain not have access to welfare benefits for four years.

# europe - Wednesday 17 February, 2016

Librarian hunted on suspicion of beheading teacher is arrested in Malta

Searches for the man had taken place throughout Europe.

The global economy could be heading for another collapse

Some of the key indicators do not look good.

# europe - Saturday 13 February, 2016

From Business ETC You better spend your €500 notes quickly, the big purple one could soon be scrapped Black Market

You better spend your €500 notes quickly, the big purple one could soon be scrapped

The note is seemingly being “used more for hiding things than buying them”.

# europe - Sunday 7 February, 2016

RTÉ cameraman injured in demonstrations on O’Connell Street

O’Connell Street has now returned to normal.

# europe - Thursday 28 January, 2016

‘Brain-shrinking’ virus: Minister warns pregnant women to be cautious when travelling

Pregnant women have been told to avoid the affected countries if possible.

Sweden to expel up to 80,000 asylum seekers

It’s the latest move by EU states to tighten their borders in the face of the migrant and refugee crisis.

# europe - Monday 18 January, 2016

The yawn-inducing name of this EU-US trade deal is what makes it so dangerous

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership covers a wide range of policy areas that will impact on your life, writes David Lundy

# europe - Saturday 16 January, 2016

Here’s how our knowledge of foreign languages compares to other countries

More than 70% of Irish people cannot speak a language other than English or Irish.

‘We shouldn’t fear the ‘racist’ label when bringing criminals to justice’

It is wrong to ignore this issue, but equally wrong to punish every man, woman and child who enters Europe for the crimes of a few.

# europe - Thursday 7 January, 2016

Most Irish people would vote to stay in the EU given the chance

Sentiment is dropping, however, for the Euro in some countries.

# europe - Saturday 19 December, 2015

This map shows Islamic State’s expanding reach across Europe

Calls to action in Europe have led to a number of successful attacks for the terrorist group this year.

# europe - Monday 14 December, 2015

The deadliest storms to ever hit Europe

The worst year was 1999 when two storms resulted in 140 fatalities.

# europe - Friday 4 December, 2015

You might not be able to travel freely within Europe for another two years

European Union interior ministers have already reached a number of agreements to do with travel security.

# europe - Tuesday 24 November, 2015

Portugal’s anti-austerity alliance is about to form a government Bailout Buddies This post contains videos

Portugal’s anti-austerity alliance is about to form a government

Communists, Greens and the Left Bloc have banded together to take power the majority.

# europe - Friday 20 November, 2015

Ireland has the second highest rate of mortgage and rent arrears in Europe

We come in second only to Greece.

# europe - Saturday 14 November, 2015

From The42 Zebo seals late bonus point for Munster in torrid Thomond Park conditions Simon Says

Zebo seals late bonus point for Munster in torrid Thomond Park conditions

It wasn’t a night for free-flowing rugby in Limerick.

# europe - Thursday 12 November, 2015

The food, the ceol agus craic. Here’s why Galway is a special place on earth

The music, the people, the beautiful scenery – Galway want to be the European City of Culture 2020. Why do you think it deserves it?

# europe - Monday 9 November, 2015

From The42 England, France and Siberia: Here’s what’s in store for your province in Europe* Pick Up The Pace

England, France and Siberia: Here’s what’s in store for your province in Europe*

*In Europe, and also 6,000 kilometers away in central Russia.

# europe - Thursday 29 October, 2015

MEPs vote to welcome “human rights defender” Edward Snowden in Europe

Irish MEPs voted 6-4 in favour of the resolution, which Snowden himself has called a “game-changer.”

# europe - Friday 16 October, 2015

Migrant crisis: Man shot dead trying to enter Europe from Turkey

It comes as the EU and Turkey reach a deal to stem the flow of refugees into Europe.

# europe - Thursday 15 October, 2015

Man charged with carving swastika into cyclist’s forehead

He and three others are accused of trying to force the victim to leave his neighbourhood.

# europe - Wednesday 7 October, 2015

Snowden leaks provided momentum to bring us to this crucial point in data protection

It’s important to pause and consider the manner in which Edward Snowden has influenced the direction of EU data protection law, writes Maria Helen Murphy.

# europe - Sunday 27 September, 2015

Austrian taxi drivers earning €450 a day from migrant crisis

Taxi drivers at Nickelsdorf don’t feel guilty that they are making money, saying, “They have money, these people are not poor.”

# europe - Friday 25 September, 2015

Imagine living in a 20’ x 10’ room, your belongings are in one cupboard and you don’t know if you’ll be there a year or a decade

The sight of little Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body shamed us all into reluctant action by accepting 4,000 people into Ireland, but now we’re going to put traumatised people into a seriously flawed system, writes Donal O’Keeffe.

# europe - Monday 21 September, 2015

Three 20-something entrepreneurs just launched an Airbnb for refugees

The website operates pretty much like Airbnb. People, called “heroes”, offer up spare rooms in their homes for refugees to temporarily stay in.

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