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# hacked - Thursday 23 March, 2017

Wikileaks releases CIA hacks of Apple devices (that users can't undo)

Security experts say the exploits are plausible, but suggest they pose little threat to typical users as they require physical access to devices.

# hacked - Tuesday 21 March, 2017

Hacker avoids jail after sending readers of The Sun to page saying Rupert Murdoch had killed himself

Judge Martin Nolan said that as far as he knew, “Mr Murdoch is still happily living.”

# hacked - Monday 6 February, 2017

The NTMA website is still down after an attempted hack this morning

The National Treasury Management Agency detected a hack earlier this morning.

# hacked - Friday 30 December, 2016

'There is no equality between humans': Bilderberg group website hacked

The site has been taken down by hackers identifying themselves as the Hackback movement and Anonymous.

# hacked - Wednesday 14 December, 2016

One billion Yahoo users could have had their data stolen

This is separate from its previously disclosed breach affecting 500 million.

# hacked - Monday 7 November, 2016

Tesco Bank freezes 20,000 UK accounts after fraud attack

Tesco Ireland confirmed that none of the 27,000 Irish Tesco Bank customers were impacted by the attack.

# hacked - Saturday 24 September, 2016

Police investigating alleged hack of Pippa Middleton's iCloud account

In a statement from her lawyers, Middleton confirmed her account had been accessed.

# hacked - Wednesday 24 August, 2016

Hackers post naked pictures, passport and driver's licence of Ghostbusters star to her website

Leslie Jones was the target of abuse on Twitter last month.

# hacked - Tuesday 29 March, 2016

The FBI has hacked into the San Bernardino iPhone without Apple’s help

The agency has dropped its legal case against Apple as a result.

# hacked - Saturday 13 February, 2016

Police arrest British 16-year-old linked to hacking of CIA boss

The 16-year-old was arrested in the East Midlands in England on Tuesday.

# hacked - Friday 22 January, 2016

Government websites hit by cyberattack

Services like the Central Statistics Office and the Courts service of Ireland were down because of a DDoS attack

# hacked - Wednesday 6 January, 2016

Anonymous attacks Thai police sites in protest at backpacker murder verdicts

Two Myanmar migrant workers were sentenced to death last month over the murders of two British tourists.

# hacked - Sunday 3 January, 2016

# hacked - Friday 4 December, 2015

JD Wetherspoon customer details stolen after website hacked

The database for its old website, containing details on 656,723 customers, was hacked in June.

# hacked - Monday 19 October, 2015

There’s a new kind of Facebook notification you’ll never want to see

It means your profile is believed to have been targeted by a government-sponsored hacker.

# hacked - Friday 21 August, 2015

Oireachtas, Garda and Defence Forces emails appear on Ashley Madison database

A search of the hacked databases found 17 email addresses linked to government departments and state agencies.

# hacked - Friday 7 August, 2015

A secular blogger has been hacked to death at his home in Bangladesh

It’s the fourth such murder in Bangladesh since the start of the year.

# hacked - Monday 20 July, 2015

From Business ETC The site people use to have affairs has been hacked and all their data is leaking online Love Rats

# hacked - Friday 17 July, 2015

Dublin gym websites targeted by Islamist hacking group

The leisure centres are working to remove the messages and gruesome content.

# hacked - Sunday 21 June, 2015

From The Daily Edge Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account has been hacked Hacked Off

Katie Hopkins’ Twitter account has been hacked

The hacker claims to have a sex tape belonging to Hopkins. Err…

# hacked - Monday 8 June, 2015

‘Large cyber attack’ brings down Waterford Institute exam website on results day

The latest update just over an hour ago is that the website is back up and running.

# hacked - Friday 5 June, 2015

A cyber-attack has left four million US government staff in serious trouble

China says that it didn’t do it.

# hacked - Saturday 16 May, 2015

How hackers built software to steal naked photos from hundreds of women automatically

Brandon Bourret and Athanasios Andrianakis were arrested on May 8 and accused of creating a piece of software named “Photofucket”.

# hacked - Sunday 19 April, 2015

The Government is thinking up new ways to stop you from being hacked

Experts say the public needs protection against ‘petty’ cybercrimes.

# hacked - Thursday 16 April, 2015

This is what the Youth Defence website looks like today

It displays a message that reads “Vote Yes”.

# hacked - Friday 27 March, 2015

The Grafton Barber is now an ‘Islamic State’ target, apparently

Their website has been hacked by ‘supporters’.

# hacked - Wednesday 25 March, 2015

# hacked - Monday 9 March, 2015

The 9 at 9: Monday

Everything you need to know as you start your morning.

# hacked - Wednesday 4 March, 2015

From Business ETC Millions of Apple and Google customers are vulnerable to a decades-old hack Encryption

Millions of Apple and Google customers are vulnerable to a decades-old hack

Hackers may be harvesting your sensitive personal information.

# hacked - Wednesday 25 February, 2015

From The Daily Edge Reddit cracks down on ‘revenge porn’, bans stolen nudes Hacked

Reddit cracks down on ‘revenge porn’, bans stolen nudes

The move appears to be in response to the celebrity nude leaks of last year.

# hacked - Friday 20 February, 2015

The NSA may be able to listen to phone calls around the world

That’s according to Edward Snowden.

# hacked - Monday 16 February, 2015

From Business ETC Irish banks ‘targeted’ in cyber-heist crime spree worth millions Hacked

Irish banks ‘targeted’ in cyber-heist crime spree worth millions

Banks across the world were allegedly hacked over a two-year period.

# hacked - Tuesday 27 January, 2015

From The Daily Edge Taylor Swift responds to Lizard Squad’s hacking attempt in perfect fashion Hacked

Taylor Swift responds to Lizard Squad’s hacking attempt in perfect fashion

The hacking group took over her Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier today.

# hacked - Friday 16 January, 2015

Don’t panic, World War III hasn’t actually started

Hackers used Twitter accounts of major news organisations to claim the US and China were firing missiles at one another. They’re definitely not.

# hacked - Tuesday 13 January, 2015

# hacked - Saturday 10 January, 2015

From The Daily Edge Someone hacked an LA traffic sign to say “Read a f***ing book” Hacked

# hacked - Tuesday 6 January, 2015

Opinion: Embarrassing photos posted online? There are ways of having them removed…

In the age of smartphones, embarrassing pictures of our more indiscreet behaviour can have a way of haunting us.

# hacked - Thursday 18 December, 2014

From Business ETC Is Islamic State turning its hand to cyber warfare? Hacked

Is Islamic State turning its hand to cyber warfare?

“The targets might not stop with the borders of Syria.”

# hacked - Monday 3 November, 2014

From The Daily Edge Rita Ora says she got ‘hacked’, but was it just a huge Twitter fail? Hacked

Rita Ora says she got ‘hacked’, but was it just a huge Twitter fail?

Meanwhile, the world sniggers behind their hands.

# hacked - Thursday 30 October, 2014

Was the Russian government behind White House computer hacking?

The White House says it takes the breach very seriously.

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