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Irish people kind but slovenly – survey

A new survey of 26 countries finds we spend lots of time volunteering and caring for others – but not nearly enough on housework.

IRISH PEOPLE are among the kindest in the world – but also the most slovenly.

That’s according to a survey by the OECD which look at how people in 26 countries spend their days.

The survey found:

  • Irish people score the second highest for volunteering time, giving money and helping strangers.
  • Sixty per cent of us helped someone out in the last month – compared to the average across all the countries of 39 per cent.
  • We have the third highest rate – alongside the USA – of volunteering outside the home.
  • At 62 minutes, we spend more time caring for other members of the family or household than any other EU country – the average in the survey was 26 minutes.
  • Our fertility rates are relatively high.

But there was some bad news too:

  • We are the second slovenliest nation – spending just one and a half hours on housework, compared to the OECD average of 2 hours and 8 minutes. But at least we weren’t as bad as the Koreans, who do just one hour and 19 minutes.
  • We have the fourth highest rate of unemployment at 12 per cent.

The survey found that Mexicans work longer hours than anyone else – clocking up an impressive 10 hours. The Belgians, by contrast, work just 7 hours. Ireland scored in the middle of the range for paid work.

Mexicans also do the most housework, at three hours per day.

The Turks enjoy cooking the most – spending 74 minutes slaving over a hot stove – while Americans spend a paltry 30 minutes preparing meals.

So are you a Vicki Pollard or a Monica? How much housework do you do? >

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