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Dublin: 10 °C Monday 24 October, 2016

International - Today’s News

'It's a squirm-a-thon for me': Bill Murray accepts America's top comedy award

After being handed the award, Murray gave it to a man in the first row of the audience and told the crowd to pass it around.

Small plane crashes at Malta airport 'with EU officials on board'

The airport said that emergency services were dispatched to the scene immediately.

French police on standby as migrants start evacuating Calais 'Jungle' camp Refugees This post contains videos

French police on standby as migrants start evacuating Calais 'Jungle' camp

Camp residents have begun arriving at designated spots to be bussed to French reception centres.

13 people die in tour bus crash in California

Authorities said it appeared the 1996 bus didn’t have seat belts and it is likely speeding played a role.


International - Yesterday’s News

Who is Evan McMullin, the outsider who could top the presidential poll in Utah?

McMullin, who has been surging in the polls, is a former CIA operative.

Here's What Happened Today: Sunday

Teenager killed in hit-and-run, polls show Clinton has 12 point lead over Trump and anniversary of Philip Cairns disappearance – it’s the Evening Fix.

Escaping a warzone in a wheelchair: This teen has turned her incredible story into a book

She is still waiting for her asylum approval to come through.

Latest poll puts Clinton at a double-digit lead over Trump

With just over two weeks to go before Election Day, the two White House hopefuls are targeting key battleground states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania


The US is helping to clean up Agent Orange residue, 50 years since the Vietnam War

The US is helping with a dioxin clean-up in Danang, where millions of litres of Agent Orange were stored during the war.

Iraqi forces battle through sniper fire and suicide bombs to retake IS-held city

Some 10,000 fighters are engaged in a huge assault to take back Iraq’s second city.

'It will not be tolerated': Syrian army blamed for third chemical weapons attack on own people

Investigators say the substance may have been chlorine gas, based on the symptoms the victims displayed.

International - Saturday 22 October, 2016

Here's What Happened Today: Saturday

Protests in Dublin after the Jobstown verdict, and protests in London calling for Britain to do more to stop the bombing in Syria – it’s your Evening Fix.

Nat Geo photo competition gives us a glimpse of a strange, alluring world 15 Photos This post contains images

Nat Geo photo competition gives us a glimpse of a strange, alluring world

Which one do you think will come out on top?

Facebook apologises for another censorship slip, as it promises more graphic news

Facebook apologised for taking down a breast cancer awareness video because the images were flagged as offensive, saying the move was “an error”.


What on earth will happen if Donald Trump DOESN'T win the election?

Donald Trump seemed to be preparing for a loss by insisting the vote is rigged weeks before the election. But what effect is that having on his more incendiary supporters?

Pepsi wants to make its offerings healthier

Pepsi’s “2025 Sustainability Agenda” also included policies to limit water consumption.

Actress Carey Mulligan joins London protest seeking end to Aleppo bombing

Mulligan said the British government must “take a really strong stance and come up with robust measures to deal with this.”

From The42 As it happened: Liverpool v West Brom, Premier League Liveblog

As it happened: Liverpool v West Brom, Premier League

Jurgen Klopp’s side jump up to second in the Premier League thanks to a 2-1 win.

FBI investigating cyber attacks that crippled Twitter, Netflix and Amazon last night

“This is not some hacker sitting in his basement typing away on a keyboard.”


Trump gains ground on Clinton despite allegations of unwanted advances

The latest poll also reveals 63% of Americans believe Trump has committed sexual assault in the past.

Could a floating parliament be the answer for Britain's £4 billion restoration?

The Palace of Westminster needs a serious facelift.

Masked gang armed with Kalashnikovs rob Belgian jewellery store

Witnesses said two explosions were heard during the hold-up.

26 people injured after top of bus crashes into a London bridge

Crews helped release three people who were trapped on the upper deck of a double-decker bus.

Canadian PM says it's up to Europe to save trade agreement

The Canadian trade deal CETA, which was meant to be signed by EU members next Thursday, is in jeopardy after Belgian region refused to agree.

From The42 As it happened: Munster v Glasgow Warriors, European Champions Cup Updates

As it happened: Munster v Glasgow Warriors, European Champions Cup

It’s set to be an emotionally charged afternoon in Limerick following the passing of Anthony Foley.

55 people killed, hundreds injured in Cameroon train derailment

The train was crammed with people due to road traffic disruption between two cities.

Graham Norton feels sorry for people who bought a "pack of lies" on Brexit

He also said that the British should have taken Ireland’s lead and run the referendum again.

Hillary Clinton and Wikileaks: Is it legitimate to release personal emails in full?

Should Wikileaks ensure that only details of public interest are released? The answers are not black and white, writes Julien Mercille.

Call to euthanise feral cats as faeces leads to deaths of endangered seal species

Federal researchers believe faeces from the legions of feral cats roaming Hawaii is spreading a disease that is killing Hawaiian monk seals.

London City airport declared safe after tear gas incident

Police say they are investigating whether the incident was a result of an accidental discharge of a spray canister.

Health costs associated with pesticides 10 times higher in EU than in US

Food container chemicals are causing ADHD, autism and loss of IQ, according to medical research.

'There's a lot of hidden antipathy towards helping immigrants'

Fine Gael TD Bernard Durkan on how more empathy and an overhaul of the refugee system can see Ireland take in more migrants.

Scared of the dentist? It's in your genes

Around 15% of people describe themselves as being afraid of the dentist.

Man who was in metal cage that shark broke into still thinks they're 'beautiful and cute'

The shark crashed into the cage, breaking part of it and carried on inside.

International - Friday 21 October, 2016

Twitter, Netflix and Playstation affected by "malicious" cyberattack

A distributed denial-of-service attack meant some of the world’s most popular websites could not be accessed.

Here's What Happened Today: Friday

Teenager found guilty of false imprisonment of Joan Burton, funeral of Anthony Foley and chemical incident at London City Airport – it’s the Evening Fix.

From The42 We'll Leave It There So: Ireland medal in cycling, legendary horse passes away and today's sport Friday

We'll Leave It There So: Ireland medal in cycling, legendary horse passes away and today's sport

Anthony Foley was also laid to rest, while the Boys in Green have been scheduled to play Iceland.

European Olympic Council expresses its "strong support" and "warmest wishes" for Pat Hickey

The expressions of support came at a meeting of European Olympic committees in Minsk, Belarus.

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