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#Public Services Card

# public-services-ccard - Sunday 21 January, 2018

"It is the worst form of humiliation" - Woman denied Public Services Card due to adopted status PSC

"It is the worst form of humiliation" - Woman denied Public Services Card due to adopted status

“I just burst out crying,” the 50-year-old woman says. “I really think this is the highest form of discrimination.”

# public-services-ccard - Saturday 30 December, 2017

'My stupid mandatory but not compulsory line' - Regina Doherty on the rocky road of ministerial life

From the Public Services Card to initiating a Garda investigation over Twitter abuse, it’s been an eventful six months for the Meath TD.

# public-services-ccard - Sunday 17 December, 2017

There were fears the PSC would become a “de facto” national ID card from the very outset

Eight years ago, the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) asked why the card needed to contain so much information and how they worried it would end up being demanded for all sorts of public services.

# public-services-ccard - Monday 6 November, 2017

'I've had to tell more people in the last few months than in my entire life' - Man denied Public Services Card because he's adopted

“This shambolic process is now making me feel like a second class citizen – I’m being treated unequally because I’m adopted.”

# public-services-ccard - Saturday 4 November, 2017

'If you post one out I'll cut it up and send it back': The PSC has people both enraged and deeply confused

Both the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection and the Road Safety Authority have walked into a blizzard of criticism over the expansion of the Public Services Card (PSC).

# public-services-ccard - Saturday 21 October, 2017

'Have you tried actually applying for something with the Public Services Card? It's a painful experience'

It’s hard to think of one way that the expansion of the card is making life easier for citizens.

# public-services-ccard - Wednesday 18 October, 2017

Stopped welfare payments and getting a passport abroad - the Irish haven't been shy complaining about the PSC

A great deal of ire has been directed at the government over the rollout of the card.

# public-services-ccard - Thursday 12 October, 2017

'We were bad, what Ireland is doing is 10 times worse' - International experts unimpressed with Public Services Card

A public meeting on the Public Services Card yesterday heard that the more data protection in Ireland changes, the more it stays the same.

# public-services-ccard - Tuesday 5 September, 2017

Watch: The Public Services Card - should we care? PSC This post contains videos

Watch: The Public Services Card - should we care?

Earlier this afternoon Irish Times columnist Noel Whelan and Digital Rights Ireland’s Simon McGarr had a frank exchange of views on the issue at HQ.

# public-services-ccard - Monday 4 September, 2017

Got questions or stories about the Public Services Card? We want to hear from you

We’re holding a Facebook Live on Tuesday evening and we want to hear what you have to say on the subject.

# public-services-ccard - Sunday 3 September, 2017

It's his baby, so where on earth is Paschal Donohoe on the PSC?

Minister for Public Expenditure Paschal Donohoe is as culpable as anyone when it comes to the furore surrounding the Public Services Card. So why is he keeping such a low profile?

# public-services-ccard - Saturday 2 September, 2017

Australia expands welfare card scheme that limits addicts' spending

Critics have called the idea an “attempt to manage the money and hence lives of people living below or near the poverty line”.

# public-services-ccard - Thursday 31 August, 2017

Taoiseach insists Public Services Card is not a national identity card

The Data Protection Commissioner has voiced concerns about the government’s rollout of the card.

A row about ID cards lasted years and cost the UK billions. Then Theresa May scrapped them

Critics labelled it as an attempt to bring in a compulsory ID system ‘by stealth’. That argument may sound familiar…

# public-services-ccard - Wednesday 30 August, 2017

Data Protection Commissioner calls for transparency over Public Services Card PSC

Data Protection Commissioner calls for transparency over Public Services Card

Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty earlier said the card will “give an improved, enhanced and effective service”.

Poll: Are you happy to give your data for a Public Services Card? What Do You Think This post contains a poll

Poll: Are you happy to give your data for a Public Services Card?

Are you happy to go through a face-to-face registration to get a card?

Hospitals, schools, jobs? Why the government's 'end goal' is for every adult to have a Public Services Card

Stories of people denied services for not having the Public Services Card have made the news. Here’s what you need to know about it.

# public-services-ccard - Friday 25 August, 2017

Minister says Public Services Card is 'not compulsory but is mandatory for services'

Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty says the card is mandatory for her department’s services.

# public-services-ccard - Sunday 16 July, 2017

Poll: Do you agree with the rollout of the Public Services Card? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you agree with the rollout of the Public Services Card?

Experts have accused the Government of attempting to introduce a national identity card “by stealth”.

# public-services-ccard - Saturday 15 July, 2017

Pretty soon you're going to need this card to do a whole load of important things in Ireland - but why?

Applying for a passport and a driver’s licence will soon require the Public Services Card – but that’s only the beginning.

# public-services-ccard - Monday 22 May, 2017

Applying for a passport or driving licence? You'll soon need a Public Services Card to do so

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform confirmed that the card will be needed to apply for a passport from autumn of this year.

# public-services-ccard - Thursday 10 March, 2016

Applying for a passport? New measures to combat identity theft are being introduced

New measures by the Passport Service of Ireland will be introduced at the end of the month.

# public-services-ccard - Friday 23 May, 2014

Countdown's over (finally), here's what you need to vote today

You don’t need a polling card, but might need some ID.

# public-services-ccard - Tuesday 30 July, 2013

Over 263,000 Public Services Cards issued to social welfare claimants

The card aims to provide public service providers with a verification of an individual’s identity, particularly those collecting social welfare payments and using the Free Travel Pass.

# public-services-ccard - Saturday 29 December, 2012

Facial recognition on the way for social welfare claimants

The rollout of a new Public Services Card will mean new technology to ensure claimants are who they claim to be.

# public-services-ccard - Friday 21 September, 2012

Welfare payments will NOT be linked to Household Charge, says department

The Department of Social Protection has assured the public that it won’t ask for proof of payment before issuing benefits.

# public-services-ccard - Wednesday 9 May, 2012

The 9 at 9: Wednesday

The nine stories you need to know this morning, including: 1,000 more internships on JobBridge, the underwear bomber turns out to be a double agent, and all the details on the new social welfare ID card…

# public-services-ccard - Thursday 6 October, 2011

New social welfare identity cards to be issued next week

Dept of Social Protection says new cards will combat fraud by making it harder for people to use false identities to claim payments.

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