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Top readers’ comments of the week

Here’s our round-up of the best, the most interesting and the most commented-on pieces from the past week. Did you make it in?

Bride and Groom Alfreda O'Brien and Ciaran Kavanagh take part in the 20th Annual Bloomsday Messenger Bike Rally in Dublin .
Bride and Groom Alfreda O'Brien and Ciaran Kavanagh take part in the 20th Annual Bloomsday Messenger Bike Rally in Dublin .
Image: Niall Carson/PA Wire

EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by you lot over the past week.

This week was mainly dominated by talk about travel costs for ministers’ spouses, the published abortion legislation, CIA internet spyingflight disruptions, deaths in the water and court for Jill Meagher’s killer.

So here, in no particular order, are the standout comments from the week that was.

The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week

1. Thousands turn out for Pro-Life vigil in Dublin (372 comments)

2.WIN! Irish Open tickets in’s US Open competition (264 comments)

3. Catholic bishops urge Ireland to ‘Choose Life!’ (262 comments)

4. Gardaí in riot gear attend funeral of former IRA chief of staff (255 comments)

5. Taoiseach: I’m being branded a murderer and getting letters written in blood (218 comments)

Some of the best comments left on the site this week

(Image Keith Srakocic/AP)

This week gave you all some glorious recipes so you could make your favourite fast food in your very own kitchen. Steve Hardy loves Eddie Rockets’ burger so much he made an offer we hope no one took him up on…

Find me the recipe for the burger sauce in Eddie Rockets and my eldest daughter is yours.

Prince Philip celebrated his 92nd birthday this week in a hospital bed where he will stay for up to two weeks before a further two months of convalescence. Though the British Royal Family don’t always garner a warm response around these parts, Bob Moloney wished him well:

I wish him well anyway , if I’m “in good spirits” at 92 years of age after an operation I’d be a happy man.

There was a lot of upset in airports around the world as a strike by French air traffic controllers caused major disruption across Europe. Sue Sue, who was due to fly to Alicante had this to say:

I feel your pain Philip, just had our flights cancelled to Alicante this morning… First holiday I was able to afford in 5 years… Distraught my girls were…. All other flights were booked from Ireland until Sunday. So the plan now is to fly to Stansead airport and arrive there at 7.50 Friday morning and depart from there to Alicante at 5 in the evening…Better late than never I suppose..

The government published abortion legislation this week and it was met with mixed reactions. Rob Hunt, who welcomed the news, thought the government was trying too hard to please everyone:

It’s a great start, but still a little restrictive for my liking. They’ve managed to toe that fine line where they’re upsetting the least number of people… I don’t see how any reasonable person wouldn’t see this as a step in the right direction.

News of a major US programme to monitor internet users sparked concern here about how much of our internet activity might be under scrutiny. Jason Culligan’s not worried though:

It’s a miracle that some of our TD’s can switch on a computer without any IT support. I doubt these are the kind of people who could mastermind a secret internet monitoring programme. They can’t even get it together to turn up to work on time let alone run a secret spy department.

Just yesterday we compiled a definitive list of Irish crisps, ranked from worst to best. Joe Donnellan had this crisp-related hangover tip for readers:

They don’t even have to be mega. Before any night out with the lads, we all get a 6 pack of meanies as part of our drink shopping. The next day, we sit watching a TV series, making tea, eating meanies and we venture out for ice cream. It’s like a little support group for men who have been abused by alcohol.

The 5 most popular comments on the site this week

(Image: Sleeping baby/Shutterstock)

1. The most popular comment comes from Monday’s article about some of the most annoying things people do when you share a bed with them. But considerate sleep partner Brian Phelan was being careful not to wake his other half, who is carrying some very precious cargo:

In bed now .. Can’t sleep so I have a towel over my head and iPad so I don’t wake my better half .. After two miscarriages .. She had scan today 8 weeks pregnant .. Fingers crossed and yes she can toss and kick as much as she wants :)

2. Popeye (not the real one, we think), was reminiscing this week about the more civilised raves of the 80′s, after reading our article about a massive rave planned at Sutton Beach in Dublin.

Alcohol at a “rave”…again, only in Ireland. Raves we had back in the 80′s was n’er a drop of drink brought or consumed and rarely ever any trouble. Ban alcohol. Legalise weed.

3. Next up was Aoife who shared a story with readers in this comment about a former lover who wasn’t mad for her sports-fan ways:

I was dating this guy and he was getting thick with the amount of time I was spending going to matches, and watching them on tv, as he felt it was unladylike. A few weeks WEEKs ( I would like to emphasize that point) he asked me to choose rugby or him, I dumped him on the spot and Munster won the Heineken Cup that year.

Also, check out James Murphy’s response to her. Aoife, we think you’ve pulled.

4. Forde added to our list of annoying things and people you have to deal with when you’re taking a flight. Airlines, take note, he does not want any of your stuff:

No I don’t want to buy your: e-cigs/scratch cards/ryanair branded condoms. Leave me alone!

5. Finally, WanderArch made a good point on our weekend poll asking people how honest they are about the number of sexual partners they’ve had. The lesson is, sometimes it’s OK to lie to your mammy. You wouldn’t want to break her heart.

Spot any good comments? Let us know! Mail with any suggestions for next week’s comments of the week.

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