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# alcoholism - Friday 26 July, 2019

'Jekyll and Hyde character' who assaulted garda gets a suspended sentence

The man’s barrister told the court: “When he is sober, he is fine. When he is drunk, he is a nightmare.”

# alcoholism - Monday 9 July, 2018

From The Daily Edge Simon Pegg has opened up about his battle with alcoholism and depression Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg has opened up about his battle with alcoholism and depression

The actor felt that the movie ‘The World’s End’ was a way of telling people about his problems.

# alcoholism - Sunday 4 March, 2018

A 'wonder drug' used to treat alcoholism may not be as effective as previously thought

Anti-spasticity drug baclofen has more recently been used to treat alcohol addiction.

# alcoholism - Saturday 17 February, 2018

Gabriel Byrne says #MeToo movement 'hasn't gone far enough' Not A Witch Hunt This post contains videos

Gabriel Byrne says #MeToo movement 'hasn't gone far enough'

The actor described Harvey Weinstein as “an absolutely ferocious bully”.

# alcoholism - Thursday 21 December, 2017

'While the rest of us are looking forward at this time of year, they're feeling the dread and the anxiety'

Christmas can be a particularly trying time for problem drinkers and their families, an addiction counsellor said.

# alcoholism - Saturday 9 September, 2017

Marian Keyes: 'Don't blame yourself if you can't find the cause of your depression'

Best selling author, Marian Keyes, talked about relationships and mental health on the Late Late Show last night.

# alcoholism - Sunday 16 July, 2017

Alcoholism: 'Dad, I don’t blame you. I never have'

This is a letter to my father, on how his disease has affected me, and how much I love him.

# alcoholism - Wednesday 15 March, 2017

'I want my kids to know there is no shame in getting help': Ben Affleck speaks out about his alcohol addiction

The Hollywood star said he had recently completed treatment.

# alcoholism - Sunday 12 March, 2017

There are moments in our lives where the world changes and you go 'was I on the right road all the time?'

Irish artist and writer Christina Reihill explores alcoholism and addiction in her new work about the writer Dorothy Parker.

# alcoholism - Tuesday 29 November, 2016

Beating homelessness: 'I look at photos of my grandchildren to keep me sober'

High rents, alcoholism and illness – there are so many roads that lead to homelessness.

# alcoholism - Friday 25 November, 2016

'Have they no conscience?' Frances Black lets rip at pubs selling pints for €1

Pubs have been launching Black Friday Specials, selling pints and shots for “.99c”.

# alcoholism - Monday 29 August, 2016

"I used to have to call down to my mother's house when she wasn't in and rob food" - Battling gambling addiction

The Rutland Centre launched its Recovery Month today to raise awareness of addiction and recovery.

# alcoholism - Tuesday 22 December, 2015

'I’m so happy not to be spending another Christmas in rehab'

When using, I went from taking two codeine tablets at a time, to 28 in one go.

# alcoholism - Sunday 6 December, 2015

I love a drink but I don't want to end up like my dad: an alcoholic and alone

“Having struggled to deal with my father’s alcoholism my entire life, I wonder just how his ‘fondness for the drink’ has distorted my perception of alcohol.”

# alcoholism - Thursday 30 July, 2015

'He didn't value that we were actually human beings, it was like a nightmare.'

Mary Manning was repeatedly abused by her stepfather.

# alcoholism - Saturday 13 June, 2015

'My dad was a violent alcoholic. I vowed to make my daughter's childhood better than mine.'

My father drank to forget the worst years of his life – his childhood – and at the same time destroyed mine.

# alcoholism - Wednesday 13 May, 2015

When it comes to alcohol abuse, the Irish aren't the worst in the world

We’re actually the fourth worst, according to a new report.

# alcoholism - Friday 3 April, 2015

What’s the problem with an “Out-of-Control” drinking campaign?

There has been controversy surrounding an anti-binge drinking campaign which, while having an independent Board, is funded by drinks industry giant Diageo.

# alcoholism - Sunday 8 March, 2015

'I will never get my childhood back': Four people talk about life with an alcoholic parent

Teens Affected by Addiction is a project aimed at raising awareness about the impact of alcoholism on families – here, they share some personal stories.

# alcoholism - Saturday 7 March, 2015

'It was always my job to check if Dad was breathing after he passed out'

Living with a parent who is an alcoholic is confusing, isolating and terrifying for young people. Why are we not doing more to help them?

# alcoholism - Friday 7 November, 2014

Opinion: Soju think the Irish are all drunks?

News of an Irish teacher being discriminated against in South Korea has annoyed a lot of people – but it shouldn’t put you off this beautiful and welcoming country.

# alcoholism - Saturday 5 July, 2014

Opinion: I had a great life, friends, business - and I was paralysed by depression

“Panic attacks can be a sign of depression and mental health issues and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me” – Niall Harbison on fighting two battles; illness and stigma.

# alcoholism - Monday 30 June, 2014

Opinion: How I woke up to my unhealthy attitude to alcohol

The photos of a friend’s wedding were the tipping point for me – they showed me what I’d been doing, but I couldn’t remember anything.

# alcoholism - Tuesday 6 May, 2014

From The Daily Edge Why do the Irish drink so much? Dr Drew explains* Drink Taken

Why do the Irish drink so much? Dr Drew explains*

*At least, he explains what HE thinks.

# alcoholism - Monday 24 March, 2014

How much does alcohol abuse affect others in Ireland? A lot, says a new report

The harm experienced by people due to their own drinking is only part of the story argues Alcohol Action Ireland.

# alcoholism - Thursday 16 January, 2014

How Amsterdam is paying alcoholics to work for beer

In a pilot project, the city is giving participants beer in exchange for light work collecting litter and eating a decent meal.

# alcoholism - Saturday 4 May, 2013

Column: Young people don’t need to be patronised by safe drinking campaigns

Student filmmaker Nicky O’Donnell writes about how he contributed to a video about responsible drinking aimed at young people – without talking down to them.

# alcoholism - Friday 8 March, 2013

Average Irish adult drank equivalent of 411 pints last year

That might sound like a lot, but it’s almost 100 pints fewer than the average in 2001.

# alcoholism - Monday 4 February, 2013

From The42 Troubled Gazza seeks treatment in US Gazza

Troubled Gazza seeks treatment in US

The former footballer “has been asking for help and has willingly been admitted to a treatment centre in America,” his management company said this evening.

# alcoholism - Sunday 3 February, 2013

Gazza's 'life in danger' reveals agent after shocking pictures are published

Gascoigne sparked fears for his health after a rambling speech at a midweek charity event.

# alcoholism - Tuesday 8 January, 2013

Second inquest rules Amy Winehouse killed by accidental alcohol poisoning

The same verdict was given at a re-hearing of the inquest – which was ordered after it emerged that the first was heard by a coroner who did not have the correct qualifications.

# alcoholism - Saturday 28 July, 2012

Column: Yes, booze causes problems – but why tar us all with the same brush?

Proposals to hike the minimum price of alcohol are penalising moderate drinkers for the sins of those who have bigger problems, writes Aaron McKenna.

# alcoholism - Thursday 12 July, 2012

Column: Youth drinking problem? Perhaps we should look at ourselves…

The Phoenix Park concert has highlighted the problem of young people and alcohol, writes Fiona Ryan – but the problems caused by parental drinking go largely unremarked.

# alcoholism - Saturday 21 January, 2012

Column: We need to put the humanity back into sport performance

Our sports stars may seem like superheroes, but they’re just as fragile as you and I, writes sports psychologist Tadhg MacIntyre.

# alcoholism - Tuesday 22 November, 2011

Poll: Should Ireland set a minimum price on alcohol? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should Ireland set a minimum price on alcohol?

The government intends to introduce a ‘price floor’ in attempts to curb alcohol abuse. Do you back their plan?

# alcoholism - Wednesday 26 October, 2011

From The Daily Edge The 17 jobs where you're most likely to become an alcoholic Dying For A Drink This post contains images

The 17 jobs where you're most likely to become an alcoholic

Business Insider sorted through 11 million US death certificates – and found the professions most likely to die of alcoholism.

# alcoholism - Thursday 20 October, 2011

From The42 Give it a rest, Darren: why the Open champion needs to shut up about drink Opinion

Give it a rest, Darren: why the Open champion needs to shut up about drink

The European Tour veteran’s ceaseless alcohol-related bragging isn’t just unimaginative, it’s beginning to tarnish the memory of his Open victory, risks making him look pathetic in the process.

# alcoholism - Wednesday 12 October, 2011

Column: My long journey of recovery from alcoholism

Author Catherine Barry tells how she realised she had a drink problem – and why no threats will ever save an alcoholic.

# alcoholism - Sunday 9 October, 2011

From The42 The Sports Pages: some of the week's best sportswriting Well Read

The Sports Pages: some of the week's best sportswriting

Paul Gascoigne’s tales from the dark side of celebrity, the origins of the Honey Badger and an incredible tribute to the elegant genius of Roger Federer: its our weekly round-up of the best the web has to offer.

# alcoholism - Thursday 14 July, 2011

Alcohol-related illness costs Irish hospitals €800 million in five years

Young to middle-aged men were the most likely to spend the night in hospital because of alcohol-related health problems.

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