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Last year
Tom Clonan: Putin's running out of conventional military solutions to impose his will on Ukraine
The security analyst writes that on the other hand, the Ukrainian motivation to fight is high.
Tom Clonan: Russia's decision to locate off Ireland gives the two-fingers to the US, EU & NATO
The security analyst says it also demonstrates Ireland’s failure to meet the minimum standards of our Neutral status.
All time
Lyons Tea: Is it as Irish as we think?
The history of Lyon is not what you might expect, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: 'My whistleblower journey in the Defence Forces has ended. I am back in from the cold'
Dr Tom Clonan met with the Defence Forces Chief of Staff today about a reconciliation process. ‘Unusually for Ireland, this whistleblowing story has a happy ending,’ he writes.
Opinion: 'Lisa Smith needs to be exploited to the maximum as an intelligence source on her return'
“While Smith was living with IS during 2016, 135 European citizens were slaughtered in 10 separate attacks that year,” security expert Tom Clonan writes.
Tom Clonan: Deal or no deal, the border will be our problem this time. And we aren't ready for it
The Irish Defence Forces is already on its knees and will be unable to patrol any border on this island, writes Tom Clonan.
'The threat posed by Islamist terrorism is waning dramatically... but what do we worry about next?'
Tom Clonan looks at the latest risk assessments around Europe.
'With relative garda silence on Dundalk attacks, speculation and Islamaphobia swept across Internet'
Proactive, public engagement and dynamic crisis communication are built into the emergency response planning of the police forces within most EU states, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: 'Leo knows we get up early in the morning to bathe, toilet & spoonfeed our loved ones'
We need to radically transform the narrative around disability and equality, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: 'There was a level of support and pre-meditation to this sinister attack'
In Manchester, in attacking an Ariana Grande concert, the deliberately chosen target was children, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Truth of what happened in Troubles can't be allowed die with major figures like McGuinness
The untimely death of the Sinn Féin politician has brought Ireland’s faltering peace process into sharp focus, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Nerve, blood and choking agents sending state-sponsored message of terror
VX is a weapon of incredible cruelty and terror, writes security expert Tom Clonan.
'Get ready for a rollercoaster': Tom Clonan on Trump’s Cabinet and Defence Secretary
There has been much economic analysis around the likely impact of Donald Trump’s presidency but there are important security concerns too, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Why we should care about gang members killing each other
If these crimes were committed during the Troubles they wouldn’t be tolerated – so why are they now?
Tom Clonan: Heavy bombers dropping 'full payload' have horrific effects on those below
More little boys like Omran Daqneesh will be butchered while the global implications of force projection are discussed in Moscow and Washington, security expert Tom Clonan writes.
Tom Clonan: Why it's time to have an open and honest debate about our neutrality
Security expert Tom Clonan says any decisions about our status must be taken by the Irish people in a transparent and ethical manner.
Isis sows seeds of inter-ethnic conflict to give its perverted ideology some sort of twisted logic
Security expert Tom Clonan writes from France, where he and his family were holidaying when Thursday night’s attack happened in Nice.
Thanks to Brexit, the fragile peace in Ireland is under threat
Security expert Tom Clonan writes that a referendum on Northern Ireland may lead to sectarian tensions in the six counties.
Orlando shooter was a homophobic killer, deliberately using the 'Isis' name
“We need to rally around our LGBTI brothers and sisters… and to defy the absolute evil [of] groups like Islamic State,” writes security expert Tom Clonan.
What's missing in the gangland crisis? The political will to solve it
Security expert Tom Clonan writes that the government needs to do more to tackle the ongoing crisis.
Maurice McCabe was subjected to "whistleblower reprisal" - Irish style
The treatment of Sergeant Maurice McCabe shows us that the Ireland of 2016 remains a cold house for whistleblowers and truth-telling, writes security analyst Tom Clonan.
A shocking, sobering report leaked and then selectively reported upon by our national media
Some apologies are now in order. And they aren’t the ones you’ve heard about, writes Tom Clonan.
Opinion: Women have shown time and time again that they are a more deadly species than the male
Security expert Tom Clonan explains why armies across the world need female soldiers and officers, in all positions.
'Gardaí being left in the dark about terror threats to Ireland. That's worrying'
In Ireland, there is no terrorism alert system or threat level assessment that we know of. This is a grave concern, writes Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: 'Islamic State will consider today’s attacks a great success'
Columnist Tom Clonan takes an in-depth look at the aftermath following today’s attacks in Brussels and what it means for security in Europe.
'We need to assess the threat to the 1916 commemorations'
There needs to be a carefully choreographed evacuation plan with an event of this size, writes Tom Clonan.
'They say the Hutch, Byrne and latest Ryan shooting are not linked. I disagree'
These murders are part of the same phenomenon of gun and drugs related crime that has blighted decent communities across Dublin, writes Tom Clonan.
'The risk of another revenge killing will rise exponentially during Eddie Hutch funeral'
There was a very heavy garda presence at David Byrne’s funeral on Monday, and it’s essential there is one today.
Regency Hotel shooting was choreographed to send a clear and explicit message
Pictures have been widely circulated of gunmen carrying Kalashnikov weapons into the Regency Hotel. The pictures are significant for a number of reasons, writes Tom Clonan.
'Power is a drug': Alan Kelly's recent interview showed the true colours of Irish politics
We need more than narcissism and hubris in Irish politics, writes Tom Clonan.
'Ireland’s gang killings are remarkably similar to ISIS murders'
That seems like an extreme statement but Tom Clonan has taken a look at the evidence.
It's now more difficult for Irish journalists to hold those in powerful positions to account
Ireland’s small community of hard-pressed crime journalists are up in arms, writes Tom Clonan.
In this Irish Cancer Society debacle, let's remember they provide services that our government should
Ireland is the only EU country that relies on charity and philanthropy to provide essential services to our most seriously ill citizens, writes Tom Clonan.
My simple New Year's wish is for my son to live in a truly equal Ireland
One of my boys, Eoghan, suffers from a rare neuromuscular disease. He cannot walk. As a parent, I am becoming increasingly concerned for his future. What will happen to him when I die?
Drafting in the army to tackle the flood waters shows lessons have been learned from past disasters
The weather conditions are predicted to persist in the coming days, but we are a lot better off than we were back in 2009 and 2010.
Tom Clonan: Video means it's official - Ireland is a target for Islamic State
“Ireland fits precisely the target profile that attracts ISIS terrorists.”
Tom Clonan: 'Ireland is on the brink of a perfect storm in our health services'
Minister Varadkar needs to do ‘the bleeding obvious’ and demonstrate real leadership, writes Tom Clonan.
'To kill so many people, so deliberately, in such a short time shows determination and training'
This will not be the last such attack in France or elsewhere in the EU, writes columnist Tom Clonan.
Tom Clonan: Who? How? Why? Figuring out the Russian plane crash
The Russian plane crash on the Sinai Peninsula has a lot in common with other bombings, writes columnist Tom Clonan.