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‘We flake out and watch movies’: Readers share their cosy TV setups in their bedrooms

Take a look at how three readers incorporated a TV into their bedrooms.

THERE ARE FEW things more relaxing than crawling into a hotel bed and flipping on the television to watch a late-night movie and, while most of us can’t do that regularly, what we can do is make our television setup in the bedroom as luxurious as possible. 

Having a television in the bedroom has gotten a bit of a bad rap in recent years, but there’s a lot to be said for having a place to watch your favourite show in peace, a place to snuggle with your kids while watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, or a spot to watch the news while you fold a load of laundry.

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To give you some design inspiration, we’ve asked three readers to share their television nooks in their bedrooms. Here’s what they had to say… 

1. ‘I put it on when I’m getting ready for work or doing chores’

Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 17.03.17 Supplied Supplied

Mary lives in Co Wexford with her husband. When her family was younger, having a TV in the bedroom provided an opportunity for them to connect, while now it serves a different purpose.

We have a TV in our bedroom, although we almost never watch TV in bed! I usually watch it while I’m doing laundry or ironing, or while I’m getting ready for work in the morning.

For a long time, we didn’t have a TV in the bedroom, but we moved one in when we upgraded our living room TV to something larger, and it just grew on us. Because it’s not a large TV, we’re more likely to sit in the chairs nearby so we can see the screen better. That keeps us from watching TV late into the night.

When our kids were younger, they used to come in while I folded laundry and watch the news with me or a DIY programme. I loved those times together. They’d always sit down and eventually turn down the volume and share something that was on their mind or that happened that day. Having the TV there took the pressure off, in a way.

2. ‘We wanted to be able to watch movies as a family’

A821BDB1-803E-4C74-8F35-F6D73C7C5FE1 Supplied Supplied

Jamie lives in Dublin with her husband and children. Choosing a projector for television-watching in the bedroom allowed them to maximise space and resulted in whole-family enjoyment.

We have a portable projector with a built-in speaker in our bedroom. It projects onto a blank wall at the bottom of our bed. It means we can flake out in bed while keeping the bedroom free of a TV screen.

We watch movies with the kids or my husband watches Formula One. The screen is huge, and the picture and sound quality is excellent. The only downside is you need a dark room — and a blank wall. The projector was on offer but luckily Santa brought it for our son.

The projector allows us to have a work-from-home desk in the bedroom as well. With a regular television, we might not have had room. We can also use it when we go camping. We used another bluetooth speaker and had an outdoor cinema.

3. ‘It’s a nice break from my laptop in the evenings’

IMG_2095 Supplied Supplied

Amy lives in Dublin with her partner. Having a TV in the bedroom to relax in front of is a welcome change from looking at a laptop while working from home. 

When we moved in, we weren’t sure whether to put a TV in the bedroom or not, but I’m so glad we did. I look at my laptop all day for work, so when I go to bed and want to watch a series or movie or something on YouTube, it’s the last thing I want to have in front of me. 

I like that the TV is almost flat to the wall so it doesn’t dominate the space, but it’s also a good size for watching movies. I’ve recently figured out how I can stream music to the TV too, which is great for when I’m getting ready to go out or cleaning around the house. It’s also handy to not have to worry about leaving laptop chargers plugged in or anything, so if I fall asleep during a movie I don’t feel too bad. 

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