# Biodiversity

Last week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Opinion: The Hen Harrier is the canary in the coal mine for upland biodiversity in Ireland
This month
February 2024
Human destruction of nature threatens migratory mammals, fish and birds, report declares
Elaine McGoff: I would love to cheer on the government's new biodiversity plan, but I can't
Last month
January 2024
Ireland’s National Parks to be expanded and enhanced under new biodiversity plan
The expansion of National Parks is one of 194 actions outlined in the plan.
Last year
Pádraic Fogarty: Next year, we can't afford to be complacent about biodiversity
Landlords selling up will have to give tenant option to buy as delayed legislation goes to Cabinet
Algal blooms raise 'alarm bell' at Blessington Lake in wake of Lough Neagh disaster
Citizens' assembly on biodiversity loss had 'no urban-rural divide' in forming recommendations
Analysis: From the Curlew to the Natterjack Toad - how are Ireland's native species doing?
24 white-tailed eagle chicks released in Ireland this month
Irish climate activist: How my Just Stop Oil arrest gives me hope for the future
Pádraic Fogarty: 'Farmers' power has seeped like a smothering fog through Irish politics'
Opinion: We've just had the hottest week on record and we're cheering a gutted EU Nature bill?
Rising ocean temperatures spell 'real threat' to fish species in Irish waters
John Gibbons: Insects are in big trouble and that's bad news for birds and amphibians too
Wildlife service enlists the public's help for otter spotting project
The Bee Guy: 'All we are saying is give bees a chance - ditch that lawnmower'
Eoghan Daltun: 'Yes, state budget surpluses should be used to pay farmers to rewild their land'
Rewilding row: Green minister warns of ‘horrible conservative scaremongering’ on EU nature law
Some aspects of proposed Nature Restoration Law 'go too far' says Taoiseach
Degraded land in Dublin mountains to be restored under new biodiversity project
Biodiversity: The Bee Guy shares some home truths about saving the bees
Green MEPs 'very' concerned by opposition to plan for restoring nature and rewetting Irish bogs
Extract: 'There is a legend that all the Irish rivers were created by a single hailstorm'
Over 80% believe national deer herd is damaging biodiversity as call for cull grows
Children's assembly on biodiversity calls on Ireland to 'treat the Earth like family'
Opinion: We have many lost Irish woodlands - let's document, cherish and protect them
The Bee Guy: It's Mother's Day soon, so let's pause and thank the original mother - this planet
Over half of Ireland’s native plants have declined since the 1950s
United Nations reach landmark agreement to protect ocean life
Public reminded not to cut hedges from today to protect nesting birds
Ireland fares worst at managing protected nature sites in new EU report
Assembly on biodiversity calls on Government to reassess aims of Coillte at final meeting
Two thirds of reef sharks and rays risk extinction due to climate change and overfishing
All time
Malcolm Noonan: It's not enough to watch threatened species struggle to survive
Opinion: Our fields may be green, but we are failing to protect biodiversity
Pesticide lobbyists pushing against environmental protections, research finds
Call to deliver global deal for nature at UN biodiversity conference
Australia to lobby against ‘endangered’ status for Great Barrier Reef
Citizens' Assembly on biodiversity to hear from Dr Jane Goodall at final meeting