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Last year
Mexico arrests five cartel members following the kidnapping and killing of Americans
All time
Kinahan cartel linked to at least 20 murders in four EU countries
Endgame: The Kinahan cartel is living on borrowed time after today's dramatic announcement
Mexican ex-defence chief helped smuggle thousands of kilos of drugs into US, court docs say
The curious case of Daniel Kinahan: Cocaine scion or boxing power broker?
Kinahan cartel suffers another blow after international police arrest fourth Irishman in three months
Endgame: How gardaí have pushed the Kinahan cartel to the brink of collapse in 12 months
European police target Kinahan's hidden Bitcoin cash in Belgium and the Czech Republic
Kinahan cartel under surveillance in Dubai after senior member met Italian mafia boss there
46 people who fled Ireland last year were extradited to face questioning over serious crimes
Gardaí arrest Kinahan associate at Dublin Airport over conspiracy to murder
Informants and paranoia: The implosion of the Kinahan gang's Dublin lieutenants
'Major league' Kinahan cartel member arrested in Spain was nearly caught in airport last year
Gangland victim James Gately to make full recovery despite being shot through the neck
Four members of the Kinahan cartel have fled Dublin as they fear for their lives
Cartel regrets: A minimum of €42 million has been lost by the Kinahans since the feud began
Mexico captures boss of vicious Zetas drug cartel
EU accuses top banks in derivatives cartel probe
Mexican troops occupy towns amid war between vigilantes and drug cartels
Mexico: 49 dismembered bodies found strewn on highway still not identified
Panasonic among four companies fined €161m over fridge cartel
EU fines Unilever, P&G for price fixing
Huge marijuana haul in Mexico