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January 2024
Children's Ombudsman pulls out of Government's domestic violence strategy over lack of funding
Last year
'I felt like I was special': Children in refuge want more time with support workers
'History will not judge us well': Children unsafe in Direct Provision, Ombudsman warns
Opinion: The state’s failure of vulnerable children is unfortunately nothing new
Teenager's spine curved by over 100 degrees after five years on waiting list for surgery
All time
'It's like someone is watching my every move': Children in Direct Provision face lack of privacy, discrimination
Children's ombudsman calls on government to clarify plans for Junior and Leaving Cert exams
'Children are eating paracetamol to get through the day, afraid of ending up in a wheelchair'
In adult hospital wards, children with mental health issues face 'extreme distress'
Foster kids without homes made vulnerable by HSE inspection issues
Teenage girl who attempted suicide says chats with nurses saved her
HSE support provided to boy was "not adequate" and had adverse effect on him
Children are to help choose the next Ombudsman for Children
Opinion: Prejudice and hysteria caused two Roma children to be taken from their families
'A wake up call': Where to now after the Logan Report?
Family still don't know where Roma boy (2) was kept overnight by HSE
Children's Ombudsman to release report into removal of Roma children from families
Complaints to Children's Ombudsman have increased by 15% since 2010
Roma child cases: Emily Logan's handed her report in to Alan Shatter
Children's Ombudsman given powers to investigate gardaí as well as HSE
Litany of failures in how HSE dealt with child's abuse allegations
Oireachtas Agenda: The state of the roads and young offenders
Officers who mistreated teens at St Patrick's will not move to Wheatfield
Children with Down Syndrome "let down" by resource allocation
Children in care more likely to be 'suspended, excluded and leave school early'
Aaron McKenna: There's no room for quangos in today's cash-strapped Ireland
Children's Ombudsman gains power to oversee 180 new state bodies
Children’s Ombudsman recommends schools take action on cyber-bullying
Complaints to Children's Ombudsman rose by over 20 per cent last year
'Wholly unacceptable': Ombudsman slams school that refused pregnant teen
Homeless children should be accommodated outside Dublin city centre, says Ombudsman
Ombudsman welcomes decision to end detention of children in St Patrick’s
Ombudsman: Children left in 'legal uncertainty' without legislation on surrogacy
Children's Ombudsman wants law change over SNA crisis
Children's Ombudsman sees increased complaints for 2010