Emergency workers on the scene of last month's rail crash in Wenzhou. ChinaFotoPress/PA Images

China recalls 54 bullet trains after fatal crash

Chinese state media reports today that the high-speed trains are being recalled over safety fears.

CHINESE TRAIN manufacturer CNR is recalling 54 high-speed ‘bullet’ trains over safety concerns, Xinhua reports today.

The paper also reports that the recall comes after the government recently announced a slower speed limit for trains following last month’s fatal train crash in Wenzhou.

At least 40 people were killed when two trains collided and derailed on a bridge in the east of the country.

Japanese train manufacturer KHI, on whose bullet trains China has based some of its models, wrote to China earlier this year to express its concerns over reports Chinese trains were being driven above the recommended maximum speeds.

International media and Chinese bloggers accused the Chinese government of attempting a cover-up during its initial investigation into the causes of the crash after a statement was issued advising journalists to focus on the theme “in the face of tragedy, there’s great love”.

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