Female officer injured in Ardoyne riots released

PSNI says it knows who attacked her.

THE FEMALE PSNI officer who was seriously injured during the Ardoyne riots has been released from hospital. Rioters struck ‘Samantha’ on the head with a concrete block dropped from a shop roof.

The PSNI says it knows the identity of her attacker, but has not arrested him yet.

The riots kicked off in Ardoyne on 12 July as annual Orange Order parades took place around Northern Ireland. Four days of violence and vandalism followed as nationalist and unionist youths clashed in the streets.

The father of the injured woman and local residents were highly critical about how the PSNI dealt with the rioters, and called for more arrests to be made.

The PSNI said that in certain situations it is not practical for officers to make arrests, but they have been studying CCTV footage from the area. Last week, one woman was charged with possession of a loaded firearm near the scene of the riots.  Over 80 PSNI officers were injured over the course of the riots.

This footage shows PSNI officers confronting rioters on 14 July: