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You tell us: How are you living your life right now during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Have the rising numbers changed how many social contacts you have, or are things unchanged? You tell us.

ON 12 MARCH 2020, life changed in Ireland when the then Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced the country was effectively shutting down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then, Ireland has experienced four lockdowns; periods of serious concern about Covid-19 case numbers; schools being closed and then reopened; offices being shut; and the nightclub industry opening after over a year of closure. 

Now, in November 2021, we’re in another phase of the pandemic. The country has effectively reopened, with people able to go pubs, restaurants, gigs and visit family. There are no longer travel restrictions, and holidays abroad are possible.

That all doesn’t come without rules and public health advice, however. Over 90% of the country is vaccinated, and it’s required that people show proof of vaccination in order to sit indoors in restaurants and pubs. 

At the same time, Europe is experiencing another wave of the virus. Cases in Ireland are rising rapidly and are set to rise in the coming weeks. NPHET has warned people to cut their social contacts in half. Mask wearing is compulsory in some areas, like public transport.

So we’re asking - how are you living your life right now during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Are you continuing to keep your contacts low, or have you started seeing more people? Are you attending gigs, going to restaurants?

Are you making sure to space out the events you attend? Are you immunocompromised and unsure what to do? Do you find the situation confusing?

To share your story about living in this phase of Covid, email We will share responses in a forthcoming article.