# Internment

Last year
Internment bonfire in Derry called off following 'fighting and anti-socal behaviour' last year
PSNI apologises to Hooded Men, says their treatment 'would be characterised today as torture'
All time
Gerry Adams: 'It's up to the UK government now to address the cases of other internees'
New leaks show Uighur community detained in camps because of their religion
Young man in critical condition after being stabbed near bonfire in Belfast
PSNI: Crowds 'cheered' as police officers fell injured in violent clashes over Belfast bonfire
Inquest opens into the deaths of 10 people shot by British soldiers in August 1971
Gerry Adams launches bid to have his convictions for trying to escape internment overturned
Pictures: Republican fires burn to mark the anniversary of internment without trial
Brazil's forgotten history of imprisoning citizens fleeing drought in concentration camps
New evidence proves the UK tortured interned men during The Troubles, says Ireland
Two injured during anti-internment parade in Belfast
Dublin City Council votes for an arms and trade embargo on Israel
Secret British papers reveal secret 1970s interrogation centre in Derry
German POWs were once held at what is now Garda College
US set to release previously undisclosed 1940 census data
In pictures: America's WWII internment camp for Japanese-Americans
Wreckage of WWII Spitfire raised from Donegal bog
Bishop pushes for inquiry into army killings