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Monday 5 June 2023 Dublin: 18°C

# Jupiter

This year
# European Space Agency
Europe's JUICE mission blasts off towards Jupiter's icy moons after yesterday's false start
Today’s successful launch came after a previous attempt yesterday was called off due to the risk of lightning.
# No Go
ESA mission to explore Jupiter’s moons postponed due to risk of lightning
Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, or Juice, will scope out whether the planet’s watery moons could possibly support life.
# Reach For the Stars
Jupiter has just broken the record for most moons in the solar system
It’s taken out Saturn.
Last year
# Europa
Nasa spacecraft makes close approach to Jupiter moon Europa
The Juno spacecraft zoomed past Europa on Thursday, passing within 222 miles.
# Out of this World
Jupiter should be visibile tonight as it comes closest to Earth in 60 years
The planet will come within 590 million kilometres of Earth during an event known as “opposition”.
# Jupiter ascending
New NASA space telescope shows Jupiter’s auroras and tiny moons
Scientists released the shots of the solar system’s biggest planet today.
All time
Life could exist in Jupiter's clouds, according to Belfast scientists
The concentration of water vapour in the clouds may be enough to sustain life.
# gas giant
Jupiter's Great Red Spot has just been snapped from above and the images are stunning
The ‘spot’ is actually a storm that rages on the planet.
# Juno and the Payload
After five years, a NASA spacecraft has reached Jupiter
“Juno, welcome to Jupiter.”
# Jupiter
Keep an eye on the sky tonight for a spectacular astronomical display
It’s the most impressive display the Moon can ever put on with another celestial object.
# spectacle
Look up - Jupiter is visible beside the moon tonight
Astronomy Ireland is advising people to go outdoors and check out the beautiful spectacle.
# Look Up
Venus, Jupiter and Mars to create triangle spectacle tomorrow morning
The spectacle, which has occurred every morning this weekend, looks like bright stars.
# Europa
Can you tell Jupiter's moon from a frying pan?
It’s harder than you think.
# Eyes to the sky
Look out the window: You'll be able to see Jupiter next to the full moon
The massive planet will be visible to the naked eye – even from brightly lit cities.
# space is the place
Is there life on Jupiter's moons? Ireland's helping to find out
A former NASA scientist will speak in Dublin tonight about the missions.
Column: Why is Pluto not a planet?
Most of us grew up learning that there were nine planets in the Solar System. But why did Pluto get demoted? Conor Farrell explains how our understanding of the icy body changed.
# to boldly go
Final Frontier: NASA's Voyager departs the solar system for deep space
The Voyager 1 probe was launched in 1977 on a mission to explore the outer planets. It will continue to drift across the galaxy, carrying discs of greetings from planet Earth…
# Space
NASA spots meteors crashing into Saturn's rings for first time
Saturn is now the only place besides Earth, the moon and Jupiter where scientists have been able to observe meteor impacts as they occur.
# 2012 review
2012: The year in space exploration
Landing on Mars, meteor showers and fixing the space station with a toothbrush – it’s been quite a year.
# Look Up
ISS to blaze across sky this evening
Spot the space station pass over at 5.17 and 6.53pm.
# Look Up
View of the full moon and Jupiter from Samuel Beckett bridge
No need for a telescope to see the moon and Jupiter next to each other in tonight’s sky…
# Look Up
Look up: Moon and Jupiter to "blaze spectacularly close together" tonight
Astronomy Ireland said that Jupiter will look like a brilliant star blazing next to the Moon.
# look to the skies
Look out for a celestial spectacle in the skies tonight
The Moon and Jupiter will line up spectacularly close together tonight, Astronomy Ireland has said.
# backdrop
PIC: If Jupiter were as close to Earth as the moon is...
One word: Wow.
# Space
European Space Agency sets sights on Jupiter
New mission will focus on the gas giant’s three large icy moons.
# heavens above
Bright stars: What to see in the sky tonight
Jupiter, Venus and a thin slice of crescent moon to be highly visible at 8.30pm.
# Space
Russia plans to send man to the Moon
As part of a newly unveiled 18-year plan, Russia will send probes to Mars, Jupiter and Venus and a human team to the surface of the Moon.
# Planets
'Double Planet' in the skies tonight, as Venus and Jupiter blaze together
The brightest and second-brightest planets in the sky will come extremely close to one other tonight – and it will all be visible with the naked eye.
# solar flare
Northern Lights might be visible over Ireland tonight
There may be lots of activity in the skies tonight, thanks to solar flare activity – here’s your guide on what to look out for.
# night skies
Planets to align over Ireland after sunset tonight
Keep an eye on the skies tonight as Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are set to align with the moon this evening.
# Daily Fix
The Daily Fix: Saturday
Your evening round-up of the day’s biggest news stories, as well as the bits and pieces you may have missed…
# Planetwatch
Jupiter and Venus on view for Irish astronomers
Meanwhile, NASA has released its first footage of the far side of the Moon…
# christmas star
Hark! Is that the Christmas Star in the sky?! Em, maybe not...
Have you spotted that extremely bright star glowing in the sky at night these past few weeks? Unfortunately, it’s not the Christmas Star. But Astronomy Ireland knows what it is…
# Space Lake
Evidence of 'shallow lakes' found on Jupiter moon Europa
Scientists believe they have found evidence of liquid water beneath the surface of Jupiter’s ice-covered moon – indicating a potential habitat for life outside Earth.
# Planet Watch
Spectacular sights due as Jupiter and the Moon come together
Take a look up at the sky tonight to see Jupiter and the Moon blaze brighter than ever.
# Oops
Lifeboat called out for emergency rescue… of the planet Jupiter
A passer-by thought they saw a flare being launched by a struggling boat. They didn’t: they saw the sparks of Jupiter.
# Stargazing
Meteorite hunt in the North while stargazers gather for cosmic 'Star-B-Q'
Astronomy Ireland is gearing up to hold its annual stargazing event in Wicklow tonight, while the search is on for a space rock believed to have fallen to earth this week.
# Jupiter
Video: NASA set to launch Jupiter exploration spacecraft
Unmanned solar-powered spacecraft is due to be launched later today – but will take five years to reach its destination.
# Astronomy
Catch a glimpse of Jupiter at its closest for nearly 50 years
Largest planet in the Solar System will pass close to Earth on Monday & Tuesday- coinciding with an approach from Uranus and a full moon.